GEMINI: Endangered lung condition HEALTH zodiac signs

Gemini is the sign of air of variable quality, the business is very restless, curious, agile and versatile. Suits them the accelerated pace of life, he will solve them and stomach problems (gastritis). Like its ruler Mercury and those dealing with mental communication, as well as acting as an intermediary between thought and movement, therefore, have the same task as the nerves. When the human body ruled bronchi, lungs, ear, eardrum, shoulders, elbows, tendons and joints, and nervous system. Under their jurisdiction of the breathing function and the enzyme, then the peripheral circulation, peripheral nervous system and hemoglobin.
Most are prone to ear inflammation and bronchi, lung problems, allergies, injuries of extremities, nervous tension and stomach problems. Mana as they are not determined, however, difficult to deprive what they like, but not exactly not disciplined occasion lekarovih instructions. Since that rule the airways, should be avoided not just smoking, but smokers! Most suits them citrus fruit – lemon, orange and grapefruit in particular, and should provide enough vitamin B and magnesium.
Exercise: Tennis
The most preferred sports activity for twins tennis. And then when you do not have the will to compete, from a psychological point of view, tennis gives them the opportunity to improve reflexes and acquire skills for solving unstable situation. The result of practicing this sport will be greater confidence and persistence, but it should be noted that tennis enhances and intellectual abilities such as attention and concentration.