GEMINI – entertainment expenses and changes (ASTRO)

Gemini love to business negotiations, but sometimes they can be pretty naive. However, the charm will always find its way to the wallet. How are variable and unpredictable, and enjoy spending does not bother little things like receipts for them in the world there are many interesting things. Gemini will certainly not get a gold watch as a gift for 25 years of work, because in the meantime changed 25 jobs! They like to make money, but also to be free and in doing so have fun and spend money. Most do not want a big salary for a tedious job, but yearn for a job, because being busy is fun! Therefore, the Twins opt for two or three jobs, volunteering, of course. They are excellent sellers, talkative and convincing, and they could sell ice to Eskimos, even! However, often a headache when you get a phone bill or when they realize that they too spend on clothes, but if their partner take over financial matters, life with the twins will be a truly happy driving! Moto – money is a necessary evil.