GEMINI Fixed-stars in the zodiac sign

In Gemini, is hyaD at 5 degree and nature of Mars. Yields diseases and physical injuries, burns, cuts and injuries from weapons. ALDEBARAN at 9 degrees, carries problems in marriage and a strong influence on the fate of the partners, as well as a lot of danger and a propensity to violence. It basically brings success especially through the other, as well as honor, although sustainability is questionable. This is where the conjunction of Mars – Uranus at the time of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Rigel to 16 degrees, Double Star Nature Mars – Jupiter, mostly brings honor and high position, fame and familiarity emphasized in music and the arts in general, unless it is in conjunction with poor planet. BELATRIX at 20 degree nature of Mars, bringing luck and safe honor, fame, wealth and the rise especially if Jupiter and the sun. CAPELLA to 21 degrees, highlights and enhances all the properties of the planets with which it is in conjunction, bringing mostly luck. Bill Clinton here has Uranus, and frequent psychic people and the esoteric. MINTAKA at 22 degrees, brings success in business, but also many enemies. Composers have emphasized this star, but the gamblers and hand injuries with this star also emphasized

AL Heck at 24 degree nature of Mars, mostly bad luck, except in conjunction with good planets. Good star for astrologers. Polar brings to 28 the degree of injury, while BETELGEUZE to the same degree it increases to its nature of Mars, and highlights and traffic accidents. Although often at all hazards known to reward and brought to fame and fortune. Tesla had here Mercury, Tony Blair, also a Saturn Monika Lewinsky. MENKALINAM at 29 degrees, wealth, or through danger and happiness, but without the necessary peace of mind.