Gemini Horoscope-marriage and marriage … Meet the features of your partner …. (ASTRO)

TWINS – wife
This is the type of woman-intellectual. It shows a strong desire for intellectual contact with a man. It is natural for this woman to be married after intensively engaged in their profession. This is why many men can not long withstand her. If you want a harmonious relationship with her, you should at this point be very tactical. Sometimes itself realizes that it is impossible to successfully works on both fields, and giving up a career. However, it is, in most cases, really able to reconcile these two things.
They are not so much in his home as the other women. They are very refined, do not tolerate the mess and dirt. In every society, it shines with a special glow. It is well informed and eloquent and is the ideal partner for a man who has a strong and powerful professional life. Excellent match the doctors, lawyers and all those professions that require great social contacts.
Sometimes women are prone to flirtation The twins, so often plague their guys or husbands. The man’s wife would feel much better if all this remained only in words. Her common sense and a strong instinct, however, will not allow her to sacrifice her children and husband for a little romance.

TWINS – wife
This is not the kind of possessive man, nor the type of possessive and passionate woman. These men are interesting people, talented, intellectual and social. Many men of this sign are journalists, writers or various scientists. Their family life is lacking. He asks the woman to monitor his mental interests. Want to change its environment and way of life, whatever that is. Women of this man must learn to reconcile with his general interest in other people and for other women. He loves to flirt, but did his outings in fact never serious. If you find a woman who can give meaning and direction to his life, but which can not in any way hinder or put pressure on it, the marriage with him could be successful.