Gemini-Love horoscope after decades

The first decade (21.05. – 31.05)
Born in this decade in the first period of life are highly variable and fleeting happiness. Passive are difficult to find a way to enter into a romantic relationship. They have control over their emotions and passions. Moderately. Often, early in your marriage can be pretty happy. Partners are usually born to them in the second half of May, September and January.

The second decade (01.06. – 06.11)
Communication skills are very emphasized in people born in this period. Easy to assemble friendships and have a lot of romantic adventures. What bothers them in major successes is the tendency to quarrel because of unimportant trifles.

This defect can have major consequences and a direct impact on marriage. I do not think rationally when they are under stress, difficult to control their behavior. Their temperament best suited to people born in Libra or Aquarius.

The third decade (12.06. – 21.06)
For a girl born in this period of first love is almost always the result of blindness. It can be drawn intelligence, fidelity, friendship, more than passion, eroticism. Love is often the result of innate curiosity of all things new.

The first experience of love rarely leaves its mark on her life, but she sharpens observation. People of this period can be loaded with work, so I completely forget about marriage and partners. People who fit them were born in the sign of Libra or Aquarius.