Gemini – Love profile (Astra)

My first encounter with a person born in Gemini indicates that this is a very unusual, interesting, very witty and charming people. So epithets that go along with their appearance, stature and voice are: The twins have entertaining character, expressive eloquence, and that are highly skilled in the use of razlicčitih intellectual, mental or voice strategy.

It is important to understand the depth of their being filled with a desire for change and research and in particular to the curiosity – their main driving force. Of course, the “curiosity” should be interpreted as their desire for continuous detection of new experience or knowledge and learning about the world around them. After all, we should not forget that their constellations managed Mercury and that you draw their attention and encourage their emotions requires a certain stimulus in the form vizuenog incentives, and the best effect is achieved whenever intrigue their intellectual attention. To live with a person under the sign of Gemini means, forget about those classic patterns of behavior and in particular, we should not insist on some strict, rigid and solid principles. If twins are interested in a particular person of the opposite sex, I’m sure it comes about some “details” that only those notes with her; as well as an attractive appearance of that person or of its somewhat “peculiarity” behavior; but also about a new experience that Didymus wants to “taste”.

There’s a great anecdote in mind the comments that a good way to illustrate their psychological profile and character, then their style of expression, the mood and behavior. A man asks his friend (Gemini) reason for his recent love shipwreck, a Twin his response: “You know, this relationship has become too monotonous, monotonous and burdensome. And then, suddenly, I met a new and very intreresantnu person. ” His friends comment on it so i was in some previous cases. At this Twin replies: “Yes, to me it looks like the road follows the life” ?!

Be sure to keep in mind: the person in Gemini primarily raises the visual moment and cognition, and emotions come, only at a subsequent stage. After all, the twins kept his emotions under strict control, because usually fail to properly dispense a certain amount of emotion you devote your love partner or the person they like. We should not forget, that between persons in Gemini and its partners there is a certain emotional distance, a shield or a fence, which they use from just two known reasons. Recognizing all this is completely understandable to them – emotional profile, ie. Their love earthquakes, interruptions or farewells especially not guess, because they do not fit the type of “emotional martyr”. Namely, the Twins can not be expected: a love drama, heartbreaking scene, sorrow, suffering and tears of sorrow. Therefore, all those skilled in the psychological profile of Gemini count with the fact that their basic attributes of the intelligence, verbal ability or speculation, and great ingenuity in different circumstances. We should not forget that a typical Gemini is always in my head has different preferences and interests when it comes to the love theme, and in their minds gravitate to different people, and his pockets are some “secret lists” in their directory there are some “secret code” . In any case they always have a good alternative, regardless of whether it comes to romantic overtures of love or farewell.