Gemini-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


The ruling planet Mercury in good aspect to Saturn brings many opportunities for the successful implementation of all plans, even those who had previously been on hold because of a person’s negative attitude. Note that this aspect runs until 31 July, and accelerate all activities and make sure that they are finished by then. If it is not possible to perform all of these in a week, at least start work in this period, since the entry of Mercury in Virgo, lets it all started, sooner or later you’re done conveniently. Later count on little slowdown, because the ruler Jupiter career fields, the axis of nodes in Virgo known to complicate things and make some of them impractical, or with the assistance of Mercury, during the entire period in August, everything will turn out all right. During this period will be highlighted contacts with foreign countries and work for the company, it would be wise to engage in that direction.


House of emotions and the partnership has long been under the influence of Saturn, which is not very generous no business is not emotional level. After August 2, he is joined by Mars, so that everything can be complicated, even more to complicate. Therefore, during this terioda not initiate any changes, which did not agree to edit an existing relationship. Let things go steady stream because it is currently the best decision. If there is a crisis in the relationship, you should not even try to correct the situation. It is better to leave that failure occurs because in this case it easier to reach reconciliation and continuing relationships. Otherwise, you will only waste energy, because of the bad aspects will not be able to achieve what you want. Free members sign in any attempt to start a harmonious relationship encounter a problem in a nice package, so be careful.


Allergy skin or some other reactions are a sign that we should examine the state of immunity. Time for the systematic control of health.