Gemini-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: Your sixth field is very active therefore it is Jupiter in this position, but will have a chance to celebrate or receive the coveted job. It would be good to take seriously this period because you will be able to further activate the new year with business coming from other countries. It is very important to his feet, and Mars will certainly help its entry into Scorpio and give you strength to work day and night, but also to become an authority. The twins have the opportunity for good jobs that are associated with the machinery, construction, medicine, banks, some new systems of communication security. Many of you are naturally concerned with the services provided, and look for help because you will not be able to achieve everything by yourself.

LOVE: Your ruler Mercury will be a good part of the month will be retrograde, so you have to take care about how you communicate with your loved one. You or say or you’re completely uninterested. Here are seeking mutual support, but twins are often selfish and will have to give in this time, listen to the other side who loves them and wants attention. If you are lonely, the period from the third week of the month was interesting until the end of the month because you can meet someone who is interesting for your love standards.

HEALTH: Beware of the throat, lungs, typical of the Twin Towers, but you can have a problem with the veins. Nervousness is always an obstacle and treat her sport, physical exercise, as it will, and Mars in the field of health to give more energy and regeneration.