Gemini-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Through January you went so how did you and free thinking – is there and some real love for you and I’ll continue to lean on the wrong? The situation stands as follows – the first decade of the month is not exactly fabulous for some new beginnings, at least not those who are worth anything. This time before use for communication with someone who is nice to you, but do not pull more concrete moves. The rest of the month, but much more pleasant for emotional events, so relax and throw the conquest. If your aspirations are directed toward someone with whom you work, it might be better to skip. It is possible that this person is not really for you, but I can set a certain distance, and you will be “broken” around it with no real results. Also, another tip for you – perhaps in this period should not listen to friends who try to advise you about your love life, because they can inadvertently spoil what you started. Believe primarily himself, his intuition that draws you to someone. Some beautiful fluttering I love stories can now begin. If you are in a relationship or marriage, you’ll still be in the first days of February to feel the consequences of some bit of bad events in the previous period. Already after that you or a loved one sail into calmer waters, where everything will happen just as it should. However, you may not always have time for each other, but it works stable. Common Dating and socializing with friends can help further connect more I feel better. Some twins can be considered that it is time for some serious steps in this regard.


Just a few delays, but a few situations in which the hard way around, just a little pressure and people with whom it is difficult to find a common language … .and then it’s time for change, progress. The first decade of February will probably eat up what little nerves you have left, they will be put to drag on forever and nothing will happen incentive for you. Only hints, only promises, just a delay. From that moment onwards you have an open road ahead, because the moment for action came. Cooperation with strangers will greatly activate, renew, and you’ll get a huge springboard for promotion and advancement. Teamwork will become extremely important, but so that you will be the person who gives creative ideas and encouragement to others. Your good mood, liveliness comes back completely. However, to understand the human will you work your ass off throughout this period, and I relations with colleagues will sometimes be on the verge of bursting. Financial situation will be variable, and this is something you can not influence.


The first decade of the last month I have been quite good in terms of health. The middle of the month is a bit strained and then should I pay more attention to your immune system, but also on everything related to reproductive organs, poisoning, infections. Also, can I have injuries, falls, cuts.