Gemini-monthly horoscope for January 2021st

Love: What is good is that Mars left your box of love. What is bad is that the ruler of your sign is moving backward, a ruler fields of love, Venus, going to the conjunction of Saturn and square to Neptune. In translation – if you are alone and want love, happiness, satisfaction, stability – it seems to me that you will only be able to pleasure and to count. When little Gemini happens to relationships started during this period are permanent, most everything will start thunderously, enchanting and surreal, to complete interruption of communication and distancing the other. Do not despair, this simply is not the time for a little longer, so take advantage to have fun and spend without thinking every single moment “whether this might be the right one?”. One hot tip for you – as long as you need to occasionally dragged a former partner “only congratulate the holidays” – do not do that.

I’m afraid I basically just looking for some kind of comfort because innovations are functioning badly, and if an old story and run it, it will come to life briefly and shut down again … For those in relationships, we have two options – the first is that you and your partner understand it’s time to get serious in terms of your relationship and to start the planning for the future. Another less beautiful is that you and the loved one constantly return to some past problems and gingerly pluck each other’s nerves. This second option will not bring any good to you clearly, so make sure that your connection calm down and stabilize, because now you have the opportunity to do so.
Business: The Mars that is in your field of love in the past made carambola, he moved into the field of business of everyday life, where his position is more than good. It’s time for you to take action, even if you answer and what your ruler goes retrograde through the field and changes the sign of Capricorn. In fact, you now have a very good chance that whatever has languished around which you tore and tried in the past, fix, fix, activate and realize. If you’re smart (and I believe you will) have used all the good opportunities in the first two decades of January, to make some important arrangements and ensure yourself a more stable business situation. The last decade of the month is a bit problematic, with tensions and more able to speed make some mistakes. You will be prone to risk, but it is unlikely to pay off. I can not say that you will be dissatisfied with the financial situation, but the problem is that if the threat of money will have to go on what you ispozaduživali. Please follow their obligations.

Health: Scattered month health conditions are not favorable at the Twin Towers. If you have a chronic disease, follow prescribed therapy. If any symptoms persist, contact your local lekaru.Prva decade of the month was particularly pronounced, and then be taken into account and the injuries, cuts, falls.