Gemini-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Dear Gemini, Saturn in the field have a serious partnership and marriage itself is already not easy, but in the first days of March pridužiće him and Mars. The weight of that already existed in the previous period in your relationship, it will now be an additional and somewhat aggressive, attacking energy. These are not the days that are easy to get through, especially if you and your mood and desire to maintain their relationships to be very variable. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a prediction of how your relationships, whether they are more or just started, as well as marriages go in March. In large part this depends on your and your partner’s behavior and tolerance, but also of predisposition in your natal chart. What is unique to all members of this sign will be some kind of struggle in intimate relationships. It was not until the third decade of March will bring an increased desire for activity, both of you will be a little promrdati and be ready to get down to some common activities, and thus remove the black cloud that hangs over your love. Free will be until the middle of March, “mrljaviti ‘in some trying, start, giving up a little to get pregnant, a little more to fall. You might even be completely indifferent to run anything, you will crawl into the house and take care of some of their concerns. You wake up in the second half of the month and scoot your power to make up for lost time. Acquaintances through friends, dating, social networks and an active period for you.


Since you’re already accustomed to the business segment in the recent times, somehow swings and you’re forever in some tensions and tensions with business associates, I believe that you will not be surprised this is not a continuation of the situation and in March. The first half of the month is complicated, but trust me that this phrase very mild. Relationships with colleagues more than the poor, the atmosphere in the workplace busy and before firing, a village at the worst possible moment issued technical devices – computers are corrupt, crumbling computer systems and the information that you need, go to score. Wonderful … In all this, the solar eclipse happens in the career field, so that some members of this sign “zglajznuti” as far as the position. Also, the relationship with superiors is bad, but some things are better remain silent. Despite this bad framework for business events, you certainly manage to fight with new situations. It is good that you will not let anything stop or slow down, you will discover solutions on the fly and adapt to all circumstances.


The first decade of the month is the most complicated in terms of health, but most will, of course, affect the older population. Blood vessels and circulation, have been a problem, as well as the pressure, are also possible and stronger immunity falls cold, viral and bacterial infections. The rest of the month is not bad, except for the occasional nervousness.