Gemini-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: stellium sixth planet in your field of work at the beginning of the month is a great effort – you want to do a great job to finish. As the ruler Mercury in your house, it boosts your energy to stand up for major projects, collaborate with large companies abroad, even it would be good to have a job in an eastern country, China, Kazakhstan, Russia might even Japan, if you do jobs in IT. If you have twins who are engaged in administration, trade, catering, then you will surely find a way to quickly get to the money with less physical effort, but you can have help from a person who is a Libra or a Scorpio. Good dates are 13, 14 or 15 November until 27 November. This is a good month for those who have lost their jobs and want to start in this field. Accept the offer of a friend or former associate if you give a helping hand.

LOVE: Somehow the Twins tied to their workplace when it comes to love. So it will be this time. Venus – the planet of love, enters the field of work from 7 November and will be available for almost a month to organize around emotional life. If you are alone, it is somewhere heavenly chance to connect with someone you destiny allotted. Gemini married I do not have major problems to the financial pressure on them in the second half of the month.

HEALTH: With three planets in the field of health you will have to pay attention to the condition of the body. The controls are necessary and excessive work can make a problem with the lower part of the body. Lower stomach, colon, kidneys – can be a weak point. For the Twin Towers was an important move.