Gemini-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


I grimly face serious topics will leave as early as the first decade of November behind and enter into a period that will last until the end of the month, which will be filled with great possibilities for good time and fun. Now, we can talk about fairy tales and we promise you that your prince with all the white horse appear leading you to him, “And they lived happily ever after to the end of life” … .Realnost will be a little different – free Gemini opens opportunities primarily enjoy to burn for someone that I indulge in all the delights of love … .without much thought and without a lot of plans for the future. For now, none of this seems like a permanent structure, but who knows? Maybe a miracle happens. Just you. In emotional relationships and marriages surprisingly – a peaceful state. Maybe your partner will occasionally have some business concerns, but it will not in any way affect your relationship. You can help by getting in those moments have more sympathy for him. While in your emotional relations unfolds somehow its course, you’ll take on the job to be joking with colleagues that a little harmless flirting … .znate as they say – “do after that is of toys Plack” … .Yes, yes – well you I understand – do not let you withdraw the whole situation much more than you expected, but that in no time you find yourself in a secret adventure ….


Your business situation during the month mainly – a lot of work, but that’s just enough money to cover the debts and obligations. It is possible to expect that every time something happens to change the current situation, or do you hope to some reversals, but for that you will have even more to be patient. While the bosses to be quite beneficial to you during this month relationship with business associates will often be complicated. Basically you will have to jump through some situations that you do not like and adapt to others. Something easier to pass those who cooperate with strangers and larger organizations, government and the public, and you’ll at least in the financial segment have quiet moments. Others will be only the second part of November slightly improve the situation in the budget and make a little more cash in your wallet. Throughout November you will have to correct omissions and handling the books.


Something pronounced field of health in the first two decades of November draws your attention to devote to his immunity. It takes more rest, a healthy diet and renunciation of bad habits that you know do not contribute to good condition of your body.