Gemini-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: Mercury, your ruler, just as he stepped into the sign of Libra, your fifth house of children, enjoyment, creativity, sport, and you will have more to do with your inner being, find systems in order to lase earn, start new sources of artistic inspiration in yourself, because this is the month in which you can nice to make a team and a nice living. The second half of the month will be important because it will have a conversation with an influential person in a company where you can get a job.

LOVE: Emotionally you are in a relationship that you mean. Partner is pleased with your positive energy, you should set because the connection may at some point become a marriage. Gemini married will want to come back again in the age of freedom ,, ,, and there is a chance affair, secret love affairs. Beware of the tenth of October – every secret, and she darkest, could be detected.

HEALTH: Beware good immunity and healthy eating because you are prone to various infections, especially the lungs, sinuses, and twins who have guided Ascendant Taurus, Gemini, Cancer – stomach, gallbladder, spleen may be a weak point.