Gemini-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


For most of October Twins in primary relationships and marriages will try to adapt to the relationship in which I have more than that so far complied with the wishes and needs of a loved one. Your sign ruler, Mercury, tranzitiraće the scale and you will adopt the principle of unity, harmony, aligning with a partner. You’ll probably go out more often together, or engage in more social activities, but it is certain that will suit you to be surrounded by friends and loved ones. Pronounced sign of Scorpio in the first part of October will further spice up your emotional relationships, that it will bring an increase of sexuality, readiness to receive with your loved one some of your fantasies. In any case – in the bedroom will be more than interesting! As long as the first place you put common interests, not personal priorities, as long as you like, “we” rather than “yes” – you will not have any problems. To free the Twin Towers, we have good news – new moon at the beginning of October in your field of love, fun, entertainment, lightened life circumstances – this will mark a period I bring you immense satisfaction. You will be on the move, surrounded by interesting people with whom it is nice and easy to flirt, but considering that your love planets in Scorpio – I was sure it would be great passions “in the game”. Enjoy, and if you want something more serious and to “calm down” – it is the second part of October is reserved for you!


In this month you enter under a completely different energy. Very hard period is definitely for you, but you will in the first decade still be under pressure to help impose business associates and partners. From the second decade easier to establish good communication and you are willing to compromise and adjustment, as well as those with whom you come in contact, and in front of you a good chance to start a new business projects and cooperation. In the government-business everyday transit of the planet Venus, which will bring more harmonious relationships with colleagues and greater understanding. The changes that you desire will be achieved in October, but do not expect that they will happen by themselves. You will be expected to “burn” in the workplace, but do not complain about the effort – the results will be more than happy? In the middle of the month are possible greater costs, but in general – are going to finance the recovery and improvement.


In the second decade of the month there will be a slight drop of energy, immunity and you just will not be the best at this time I would be good to get more rest, more food and are taking the necessary vitamins and minerals. The rest of the month is pretty good.