Gemini-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


It is true that during this period Jupiter enters your field of love, but the free Gemini will properly be able to use its influence only in the last ten days of September. The ruler of your sign will largely go retrograde this time walking, you will often be occupied emotional past, Will think too much I calculate, making new friends and it’s hard to relax and let events. Immediately to mention – this emotional past Batalla of which is unlikely to again be something, even if renew contact with a former partner, the events will be short-lived and quickly re zgasnuti. It is evident that you will only in the third decade will be ready to enjoy the magic of new love, probably because the person who appears in this period you will not be able to resist. Forget about your fear and uncertainty, the need to protect their heart I will with pleasure to this person strengthen communication and meetings. Even if you do not start a new concrete ties in September, will create preconditions and fabulous foundation for that at the beginning of October. In emotional relationships and marriage partner is now in a much better position than you. It would be best to let his lead, because you will often be discouraged, tired and too nervous. Loved one will be your support.


An eclipse of the Sun in early September and mid lunar eclipse of this period will have a major impact on your business segment, as affecting your field of private business, basics, business foundations, as well as the career field. It is evident that this is a one tense period, especially as I ruler of your sign for the most part of the month goes retrograde stroke. Gemini will have a good “shaking up” everything that had previously worked, to verify how their jobs sure to introduce changes that they probably will not like, but which are now required to be able to emerge from this complicated time. Until the last week of September, you’ll have to contend with difficulties in arrangements, with the delays and problems with technical means. Period is unfavorable for those who are looking for work, and some of the employees will possibly face the termination of employment. In seprembru I will be evident impact on your financial segment, but be smart – not a time for relaxation and “Easy” thing.


Although Mars, which your government has a solid field of health settings during September, however, your ruler Mercury goes retrograde stroke, so in the first two decades of the month necessary to pay more attention to the condition of the body. You need a break to renew your energy, the great commitment itself.