Gemini-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Old associates are returning under the influence of Mercury retro is your ruler at the same time. You can count on a good month because the stars promise you that you will have business success and money. Able when you need to make, a clear goal and your mind quick Mercury works flawlessly. If you want to have contact with foreign countries, then watch it to be at the beginning or at least the first ten days of the month. Any change you for the great spiritual ascension, I came into your life, because you are very talented to run the new ideas but will go abroad business nature be not only a new experience but also new ideas and strategies to continue tomorrow. Good relationship with airway signs and fire, especially need to work with someone from the sign Aries.

LOVE: Free Twins have a fear that they may be seen, open your heart and start a love energy. You love summer and socializing, the more you delay the beloved person will turn around and leave. Those who are married have to watch the second half of the month to communicate because there is the possibility of arguments and a brief separation. Mercury retrograde will certainly play a role, where he will take care of further communication with your partner. A good relationship with the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

HEALTH: You must hold a shape, to keep the respiratory system and play sports that provides the next health and socializing, maybe some beach volleyball.