Gemini / Sagittarius characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

This is one of the most interesting combination, because of the strong influence of Scorpio the sign of Gemini. Here is a clear mind and management of emotions, which is typical of the Twin Towers, faced with characteristic ferocity of Scorpio: when combined casualness and severity, anxiety and resilience of spirit obtained tragicomic nature, alternately casual and subject fears. Born person of broad perspective, developed intellect, prone to deep thinking. Iron will associated with productive activity and a lively intelligence, trying to decipher the secrets of humanity.

Such a person has expressed a research and analytical way of thinking. However, insight Gemini – Scorpio is such that this person gives sometimes so vivid vision of existence that it can not completely avoid temptation. And if in addition to Scorpion’s part of the personality stifled, suppressed, it is conformity and antikonformizam sharp conflict, which can sometimes lead to neuroses and very great difficulties of adjustment, as well as certain inability to find true happiness, blissful and carefree.

– This is not a harmonious combination, because the passion of Scorpio does not agree with your type of sensitivity. Scorpio is oriented primarily to the dark depths of life, likes to analyze and driven by the strong passions, while Gemini social, superficial and flexible. However, this structure is devilishly intelligent. In this rising was born and Jean Paul Sartre, the lucid philosopher who influenced the young, and the entire epoch but i Clint Eastwood who is again on its way marked our time.

Not at all easy to meet you, because much of it lies hidden beneath the surface. Often acting as a peaceful and simple people, but in fact you are a very complicated human being, far more sensitive than the show. You have a strong will, a bit reserved, others Ulivo respect and you tend to perceive things as a whole, to the bottom. Your insight makes you exceptional psychologist, intuitive and you do not realize it lightly.

You are more intense and more mysterious than other Gemini. More than other Gemini You seem to know where you’re going, do not allow you to interfere with other interests. Sexuality is an essential item in your development, and you jealously hide. Then when you are expected to be passionate, you are indifferent, and vice versa. Take care of your masochistic behaviors in love and dares to self-destruct if you run into unresolvable conflict.

Often construct their identity and build on painful experiences. I keep looking for someone with his truth you are not unknown nor horror anxiety and fear of the abyss. But, you have the enthusiasm and fighting spirit and know how to get out thanks to its intelligence. Sun in the eighth field only increases the strength of Scorpio in your combination. Experiments you transform, edit, in silence, but the roots and suddenly reborn from the ashes, but when others think you are lost in their restlessness. Your inner wealth is a lot, but you make your contradictions hard for other people. You need to approach with caution …