Gemini-What are the zodiac signs in love, and whether they like them ?! (ASTRO)

MAN: It’s whimsical, childish and silly. She enjoys adventures, players and honest in their performances but will openly say what he was doing and who he was. When in connection with that to which he cares, their unbelief will try to cover all possible ways. The sex tends to experiment a excited by the whispers during lovemaking. Spontaneous and flexible. She who falls in love with him must be ready to adapt to his way of life, otherwise it will not be a problem in a relationship.

WOMAN: This woman is a real talker who does not have problems to talk about any subject. It takes her excitement because it is very energetic and a bit childish. She is ready for anything and she needs a man who will be able to follow along with her energy. He likes to flirt, charming, all love her. She finds it difficult to settle down and develop a serious relationship, because it is prone to frequent change of partners. It is a great friend, and when you start to feel that the choke will tell you to go and leave her alone. Tends to relationships with strangers.