General characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo (ASTRO)

Extremely attractive, noisy, cheerful, striking, beautiful thick hair has expressed views, gesticulating. Keep up wardrobe – or too aggressively trained on the verge of kitsch or sanitary type. He points out lips, mischievous look, round eyes, dressed, always wearing make-up, a little eccentric.

Name: Leo- is the Latin name for Lava

Headline: I want

Planet: The Sun

Color: Yellow

Animals: lions and cats, big or small

Metal: Gold

Gemstones: Rubin, yellow stones

Plants: Sunflower, dandelion and yellow flowers

Occupation: organizer, boss, politician, artist, actor, banker, jeweler.

Mana: snobbery.

Unjust, gives the Lion “Leo is a charlatan.” The truth is that Leo loves an audience. Necessary him clapping and admiration for his talents. Well you would not want to keep the sun in a box, is not it?

Happy Lions have the Sun as his astrological planet, which according to the prophets of ancient times, does nothing more than rolling across the sky all day …

– I Leo likes to be the world revolves around him; Lion – Animal masters other animals, and people born under the sign of Leo masters of everyone around you, manifesting in the arrogance and pride, but also the vivacity and mischief at the same time. Compliments even openly worship (do not even think that he would therefore might be uncomfortable), it usually leads to mood, otherwise necessary for all the services that might be able to ask him. Be careful though not to disclose your ulterior motive, because Leo whom you hurt pride is not your friend.

After all, Lava is not difficult to love because he really has some superior features: security, fearlessness, warmth, generosity, and a total absence of guile and low motives, and with a little tact and good will you might forget some of its shortcomings, for example, conceit or arrogance. When subjects Sun. no protection. He is either terribly careless and sloppy, and carefully neat and tidy.

Leo flick blood in the face, but be sure that it is never due to confusion. Maybe zaduvao from playing too hard, or next to it just passed the love of his life. In any case, the reason is not in his introversion or shyness and modesty. Lions in yourself there. There are only Leos who pretend to be introverted, but in fact they think that their royal right to rule friends and family, and secretly just waiting for the moment to climb on stage.

It is necessary to be really brave and face up to the Lion who defend their rights and dignity. Some Lions softened with age, but essentially Leo never lowered his head up proudly. Lions are able to express an amazing energy. When do you surrender just that. When you are having fun then this is top notch entertainment. I break must also be true. Leo is very handy to other portions unpleasant jobs, as he only deals with more important things.

Leo is generous and optimistic, even forgiving the enemy; romantic lover who likes the good life; ambitious and assertive at work and unusually faithful to friends and family. In love is passionate and faithful – that combination is not it? – and not just that right there is often not happy. As to his good judgment leaves completely when it comes to emotions. Otherwise, it is very sensitive, much more than allow you to see the other.

The environment can have an effect on him because he can be a snob and that gives the impression of a stage wherever they occur. But he was never dishonest, never dull, never in danger of losing control. His only difficulty was jealousy, because the love he needed constantly, constantly with new affirmation, and I just feel so safe.

Leo loves fanfare, bells and fanfare – and louder, the better (let’s see who I am!). – And how has too much faith in human nature (some would say naive, just let them take care that you do not hear), usually do not keep your stuff to yourself, but it throws on all four sides of the world. Leo is creative and knows how to picture and acting, dancing and fix the faucet, the compositions of toys – and of course, to charm all live, provided they get enough stimulation (love and applause). And right now, after all this, I do not think that is really better than the other? …


This is the second fire sign. Fire is always summer, and the lava is still important that the road ahead is illuminated debt. When the sun shines, it will be fun and laughter, because Leo likes to be playful and affectionate, but when clouds cover the life, these people are able to make a drama out of something which is not even a crisis. We can think about the symbol of the Lion as a creature with the head and mane of a lion, the king and queen of the jungle. Kings and queens can rule wisely and creatively, or may just be the heads and large heads. Leo resists the idea that it is plain … Likes to take center stage, led the campaign. He loves life, children, power. He likes to command, bothering. Authoritative is generous and noble. With years of life lost elan. If you go through the religious, exclusive and dogmatic.

Part of the body associated with this sign is the heart and that gives us a lot of talk about the lions’ generosity and warmth. As the heart forces blood to all parts of the body, so Leo is trying to encourage and motivate all around.


Leo always and constantly wants to be first everywhere, even in love. Many requests from other people, from yourself and loved ones of women or men. If you really loved Leo, but it often happens, he loves deeply and fully. More held to honor than to eroticism. Pride will never allow the humiliation of one Leo, even from a very special person, and let none of it is not expected jurisdiction if the public (or private) ignores or insults. Love is a lion’s heart, fun drama and if you get a lot of feeling and attention, will do everything it can to be a magical, romantic and larger than life. Not happy with the pessimistic person who confuses his vitality and enthusiasm scares. Therefore it is better to find someone who will laugh at his jokes, clap your desire to live and appreciate the large and luminous lion’s heart.


Lion Heart is a lot like the palate, never fussy or stingy. Leo is impossible to be close to someone who estimates his welfare or donate gifts that cost exactly as much as he spent on it. Most people love money, but Leo especially enjoy the large, generous actions. If no money, he feels a little slum. But his real friends are not with him because of what they bought – they love it for its own sake! Leo needs to find people you can be with an open heart. When Leo feels really confident, radiating a golden warmth that inspires everyone and everything nearby.


With his talent for organization and innate sense of leadership, the city head of him ideally suited. The more authority, it is satisfied – especially when other people take care of siege situations while he creates his vision. So long as you do not calm down with time, you will be happy by building success in one place. His money is very important, because it can not withstand a situation in which can not afford an extravagance; so must provide considerable revenue … Lviv interest are: organizer, boss, politician, artist, actor, banker, jeweler.

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