Get dressed to seduce! Find out what wardrobe which suits the sign and get ready …..

Each zodiac sign has some stylistic preferences, be it in color, material, or to fashion trends from specific time periods. Learn what a wardrobe which suits the sign and prepare accordingly for you love meeting. Happy “hunt”!


The only sign of style “woman in red” is not considered excessive. He loves “fiery” color in all its shades – pink, pink, burgundy … Also he likes it “rough” appearance and things of metal, so feel free to wear pendants and bracelets.


This earth sign, which the US every year, “introduced” in the spring, loves the smell of the earth after the rain, and the earth, bronze and green tones. If your layout “pull” of the tropical forest and reminds it on the warm and fragrant embrace of Mother Earth, you will wake up in his emotions.


This passionate lover of unpredictable experiences life as one big amusement park and amused that he would have passed the time, making a living from surprise to surprise. If you want to “capture” the attention (and keep it), your garederobu should mimic his different style. If nothing else, you will never get bored shopping.


He is known as a big fan of the dress (pajamas), or if you drag away from his home, will be adapted to any occasion. All shades of blue are pleasantly reflected in his eyes water, a mild and gentle tones soothe his restless, changeable mood.


He loves all the bright and vibrant tones. If you can not afford gold jewelry višekaratnog, make sure that at least in the locker room is not missing a golden hue. Or even red – do not forget that the fiery sign!


Do not even think of showing up in front of a Device in crumpled linen trousers – this is the image that his eyes would not be submitted. As a big fan of elegance and minimalism, these appear and tidy as much as I expected from you. They are very unlikely to see a chaotic and messy – except if you are not in a hurry to get to your meeting.


Libra very price balance in every aspect. So if you want to preserve, you should be sure to make the right combination. Please note that you agree with the belt purse and shoes. Even if things go well and you get to the moment of undressing in front of him, the same goes for underwear – all you have to fit! And yes, avoid bright colors – prefer the mild tones.


Let your appearance does not overshadow any “suspicious” of the fight, when you’re about to go out with a Scorpio. Prefer a serious and elegant black, and worry that you will notice. As much as I think that he seems to be interested in “decked” look, know that his eyes are always looking for what is hiding in the shadows.


Do not expect the usual activities you leave the shooters, so when you put on your jeans, shirt and shoes, ready to follow him in his most incredible hikes. Otherwise, his style is a natural characteristic. Never appear too dressed decently, unless absolutely required conditions. The best thing you can do is to keep their formal clothes in the attic – but if someone comes up the wedding, do not worry, let you know.


Unlike its neighbors, whose style can be described with the word “freestyler”, Capricorn respect zvaničnost and protocols. Not the man who would ignore the details, if you need to follow you around. Just wait to see his impeccable and that chance more than a convenient layout! If you feel too boring classical garments that you wear at work, quite contrary to what he admired as a symbol of your hard work and success.


Yes, perhaps even humanity overcome the hippie look – or maybe it’s just that reason Aquarius wants to revive this style. He likes to stand out and differentiate, and will be very happy if you and your look is “contributed” it. Now is the time to dare to try one eccentric hairstyle. In his eyes, you will be very interesting and modern.


They love simple and natural look, but here and there you will have the opportunity to admire them in an extremely elegant appearance – it is enough to remember how important for them to escape from reality. If you want to impress them with his style, your every encounter should be a different show, and each of your appearance and the appearance – another role.