Get his zodiac sign, and we’ll tell you how you loved

Venus in Aquarius opens the door for new love spells is a good time to find out what it says Astro Guide!


Rams idealize a loved one expecting it really impossible things, stubbornly refusing to notice the dirty shoes while actually become so muddy that it can no longer be ignored either. They are able to criticize, pointedly noticed your failures or ridicule are your weaknesses, but when you are, endlessly gentle, loyal and only yours.

Since they are always in the company, be prepared to because of their appearance, but also an unusual charm, captivate people from seven to 77 years. You’ll have to trust them blindly wherever they go and whatever you do. However, you will not have to worry about. Once they become yours, you will be totally loyal.


Bulls main characteristic is stubbornness. This feature they often came to a head, but themselves do not change. It is stronger than them. However, as their philosophy of life with a lot of clear and practical sense, however, do not allow yourself some unrealistic dreams or goals.

They are very proud of the title of the greatest lover of the Zodiac. Without love will not want to, live hard and really suffering, they must love, cuddle up and touch someone even if it was on the wrong person. Although they are very attracted to sentimental ties, never take the initiative. They like to attract people, but will not charge you before you take a hard what to do with you. And when they decide that they can no longer do without you, they like you, then they think that by the end, a place very far away. If they disrupt the form of planning, make sure you have a raging woman / man which will not need a red flag that you set her on their horns. After you will calmly say that you are to blame for everything!


If you love the members of this sign, be prepared for sensational events. Today, together with you and your plans to fly to the moon, but tomorrow it will cancel the meeting without a valid reason, the third day will roughly laugh in front of everyone, a fourth day to ride on a white horse to you solemnly and lovingly requested. The miracle of watching all these changes in their disbelief and their fear of an uncertain life with them. If you want calm and serene and calm life, bypass this sign even though he can adorn a woman’s most exciting, most interesting and most intelligent man / woman.

If you love them, do not attempt to possess, because do not know what part they paid you. Only intelligent people can not stand with them and this person to your speech and actions continually awaken their imagination and provoke admiration. They will not be afraid (as well as other signs of the zodiac), will even be glad to be with you. Cruise, parachute fly, sing, cook, make love; all in one breath, hmmm, how would you Geminis love and support in all of this. Loving them, agree with them to share an uncertain future, and while you should not look back at what happened yesterday and today. However, we strongly advise you to work on their cardiovascular endurance and try to keep the word you are yourself long before you give. It’s a big task, think carefully!


Many of its features easy to impress, but a large part of them very discouraging. They are wary and pessimistic, but without a doubt, Crabs are big dreamers. If you do not like it, get out immediately with the city dating because you will soon ask themselves the question of what to do with them.

Grow in self tolerance and the ability to forgive. Try to understand them. Whenever you rudely insults, tell yourself to not think so, but it also turned out. The worst are those moments when you lose something that belongs to them and what they are far from right. And it’s you – their love partner. Ego im becomes bleak and uncertain, arousing fear of losing the person they love. When you see such a mood, they sit in your lap, extend your arms in a hug and a warm soul breathed out thousands and thousands of times as you like.

You agreed to all this, you are aware that you are in love with someone variable moods and together with them will sail (not) happy Moonlight of the moon. It will take you a lot of happiness and love along the way.


Type of person who is constantly rotating sun just seems to operate soap and sweet. I can not live without flattery, but do not think you have forgotten your femininity / masculinity that it has attracted. You must have a very strong person because the weaklings they never “tinkering”. In most situations, their behavior is mild and placid, but the background of this behavior is not their true nature, but estimates that such behavior goes well with people.

Do not try to take away a star role in your love story as you will then practice to learn their true power. They can not live without a scene and spotlight necessarily their admiration. Do not be jealous of their tendency to be the center of attention in a room full of admiring the view. The head will always rotate wherever they go. Often they will flirt, but it’s their way that will reset the strange fear that are not desirable. Constantly have to prove yourself to be “in”. They are too proud and dignified to waste time on nonsense, and therefore understand their needs on time and act in accordance with them.


The shy, but it does not mean you know all the tricks and do not have all the weapons, including the determination to seek happiness regardless of the inconvenience that while may encounter. Once and for all Virgo realizes that her marriage is perfect if you already find true love somewhere, will think twice between termination and staying. She’s cold and precise break all their ties, but after much thought. As much as I hate to interrupt the family circle, even more hated hypocrisy.

Device are able to make a lot of confusion on the emotional or any other field! They are able to leave partners for one true love, giving birth to a child before marriage, becoming the mistress / lover with all these inconveniences walk the world with my head held high because they are built from the finest and hardest steel. Brave people. This marked the largest number of loners who organize life so that the environment does not even notice that their life is missing something. Yet deep within yourself longing for love and intimacy.


From the charm of a Libra is difficult to run. If you try, they will take their rational, logical arguments, persuade and prove you wrong. In addition to all of these fascinating power of reasoning that applies to you, they will become so sweet and gentle that you forget all the frustrating nature of their disagreements. Then you will smile and you will find them your heart turn over in his palm. Your battle is lost, their dreams become your dreams and nothing will be hard to do to make them happy. Problems always arise in relationships because of their lack of understanding of your partner’s needs.

Often confuse friendship and love. However, we often suffer from a broken heart even though they have a lot of love affairs. They almost insulting quickly forgotten. Will suffer some early because the scales do not allow them to capture the sentimental ties.

They were never interested in your secrets. I do not know and do not want to know how your mental functioning organization. You can spend a sleepless night next to them, and that he is not any wonder why you have a sleepless night, and what is the reason of your unhappiness. They are too preoccupied his thoughts and his life in order and you still had on her neck.


To them life is meant for several different paths that can be selected. I can play the avenger of the night which is not too wise and spend their time and talents to a variety of malice or may be extremely compassionate, gentle wisdom and intellect, and allow others to experience community with them between love and death. Check what type of fall your Scorpio.

If you belong to vulnerable people, not looking scorpion opinion, smack you in the face of truth. He does not share compliments to win favor or acquired allies. Flattery is beneath him. So if you say something nice, be respectful.


Shooters are always saying exactly what their partners hate my guts. But sometimes they know so beautiful and chirp in those moments forget everything bad or uncomfortable. Probably partners shooters uneasily know remember the moment when they stunned affection were ready to cry, pray, begging to be their whole life, but they were hastily stopped their cruel and stupid remark like: “I hate people who look lost and in love! ”

After the shock that came up while on your face, they strongly say that you really are the best possible man / woman in the world and that they are bulging and your face just like love. You continued to sit and actually stayed until the end of life with them, right?

Cuddles are willing, honest people can easily cling to your heart to their specific, fascinating, but no less strange charm. Damn they are honest, even if you often go to the nerves and then you silently wish that you agree that you say anything, just that you do not hurt. They are not always wise, often times think with your heart and mind, and the crazy brave. Awkwardly will rise again to fall, but then again attempt. Interesting, in any case.


Specialty of these people is to belong to the plants bloom late. In his younger days seem dull, elderly and very conservative, whereas in earlier years are beginning to open and the sun shows a beautiful flower that grew in the silence of their interior. Around this flower still exist spines that carefully remove and then enjoy it. The love affair with these types of people, if they finish the marriage, is like eating dessert that always comes at the end.

They are faithful and pledge to the family altar. They are full of respect for family ties and relationships, but it also means to take care of the family created by marriage and of their own which are loyal since childhood.

Do not think that you have chosen them you really can not claim with certainty that they chose you and to the keen sense for pedigree and perfection. They chose you because you have assessed that you will be a good partner with a strong sense of duty. As their partner will need to stylishly dress to impress their business colleagues, and it is desirable to be smarter, nicer, with better manners than their partners. You answered and meet their high standards – you can be sure that you live in a very beautiful marriage over the long haul that will often times be tedious, but you will not lack in anything.


When you are in love, they boast loyalty stable of characters, but also indifference and lack of emotion of the air element. It is possible to establish a successful relationship with them if you let them free to follow their endless pastime and socializing with friends. They belong to everyone, but anyone. Love can be tender and inspired, but in this area will always be uncertainties. They are not interested in your partner’s savings book.

However it is important to note that frequent divorces at Aquarius. The fastest way to get to know the Aquarius is the show jealousy, possessiveness or prejudice and to be critical, uptight or extremely conservative.

Aquarians are often subject to sudden fit of inspiration, and intuition them extraordinary. They look far ahead of yourself and all of us. These people live in the future that can be visited only with them. And finally – Aquarians are mystical. Please if you like!


Usually they are stubborn and hysterical, so better to have them with partners who will protect them, sincere love and thereby bear all their nervous crisis and whims. Most of them are intuitive, with a high protruding antenna to predict the future. To be loved someone, they should be well informed before that, respect their dreams and creative freedom, because they are people of great achievements!

They need a lot of stimulation, immediately the morning you have to begin to dream with them, continue with jokes and interesting jokes, welcome evening in peace. After a series of altered moods that you have a partner you can weary sigh of relief and say, well, this day you detained successful end. When you go to bed with them, will conclude that energy is a great partner, or capricious, but they are still outstanding. Tired you can easily fall asleep because you tomorrow awaits the mountain of things you need to do it for them, because they are simply disorganized and elusive.