Get IM out of the way: The three zodiac sign are born winners – the powerful and arrogant, but just and noble

Everyone wants to be successful. The moment we have such a desire, we can say that the sky appears the planet that we send this signal.

For a person to be a powerful, famous, powerful, popular, successful must have at least three planets that adorn and give so much power. But somewhere is the most important for the overall success of the planet Jupiter.

In addition to Jupiter, we have to have an energetic Mars that starts the engine, and of course will give Saturn without which there is nothing, because if there is no discipline and strategy all said above fall into the water.

RAM – destined for leader

Aries is primarily a brave character. The enthusiasm and determination that he has rarely possess. When the Ram is a job just completed. Whatever you get in life to do, to decide, he’s someone who’s doing it without any problems and hesitation. His charisma is reflected primarily in the characteristics of a hero who loves to win. By the end, even his life to that he was there fearless. Aries is a call that pierces. While the Taurus sign which gives insemination, a communication Gemini, Aries has a task to break the ice and move on. Therefore, the Rams have mainly leaders, bosses, directors who do not stand still from the moment they enter the company. It is enough to go around you and you will feel it in the air that energy.

If you promise something and then it will meet the same but it expects from its employees. Most hate betrayal, lies and discouragement. Aries is doctor surgeon, a civil engineer, construction worker, a soldier, an officer, soldier, actor and comedian best like Charlie Chaplin. Aries lover is like a Casanova or a politician who was then, and in 1960 moved the session of the United Nations so that it hit his shoe on the table and showed his power and influence – Nikita Khrushchev.

However, if you find yourself close to this mark, you know that does not sleep. Get ready to work and give the last ounce of strength, because the only way you will be able to win and also to score points with his boss at the firm or life in general.

SCORER – optimistic, aristocrats

The planet ruling this sign is Jupiter. Where he finds in our natal chart, here we’re lucky. This sign and ruler of the planet represent power, success, joy, God help at hand. Then when you least expect it, the hand of God came down to us and deliverance came. We call it a miracle, but in religion it is the will of God.

Sagittarius is a sign of happiness, joy, exotic, loves food, drink, travel, music, fights against injustice, government human rights, it is imperative friendship from it all draws. This is the spirit of the young, beautiful aesthetic looks, athletic, loves precious sports but tennis will be one of the most popular. Sagittarius is noble, aristocrat, sometimes rebel, but still respects the tradition going your way. Sagittarius is a priest, astrologer, prophet. Great prizes, medals, Military Merit Administration stemming from a strong Jupiter. To be a champion in the sport or the winner in the war must have a strong Jupiter in the natal chart.

Sagittarius is not an easy character to cooperate, he can be harsh and overbearing. It also punishes, but it is more uncomfortable than totally tragic. Someone who is by nature a hedonist is no greater punishment to be without pleasure and money. Life appetites of the characters are great, but they realize. Typical are the stars of this era of music legends like Frank Sinatra and Tina Turner who represent their characters or the success that they have achieved that lasts. He who believes in yourself, in God, he opened the door.

CAPRICORN – despot, power, authority

Besides the Scorpio is one of the most hated signs of the zodiac is Aries. It is a sign without which you simply can not imagine success. No matter how old, ancient books speak of the Saturn ruler of this constellation all the worst on the planet from which the world begins. The stone at the beginning, and there will be a rock at the end of the world. However Capricorn is even considered one of the most influential characters in the zodiac. Natural tenth box or zenith, top, sky belong to this sign. Just as in Kabbalah, and ten number or supreme God. Capricorn is primarily a sign of discipline, power, success, and if someone wants to be successful it has to go this current. , Training of their workers, discipline, strategy are the main features. Capricorn is not a sign of stress or fears of job loss because it naturally belongs. As Raku naturally belongs to have a big house and children, so the Capricorn destined to be the authority.

His journey is difficult, because it is a sign of karma, past experience and past incarnations. It is not easy to be born in this constellation, but if you learn the lessons of Saturn, and if you listen to his tormentor and teachers Saturn then you will naturally grow into the supreme person. Successful is a doctor, chemist, biologist, politician, lawyer, astronomer, banker, realtor, composer, singer. Perhaps one of the most powerful representatives of this sign is a music legend Elvis Presley. He is one of the few Tropic of Capricorn, where Saturn is an enormous material wealth, but where it destroys his Jupiter through hedonism and drugs, which leaves your life easy Saturn / discipline, order / and dies.

Just as we said at the start of the text at the beginning of the world stone, stone at the end, so will the tomb of the most charismatic Capricorn ever born, to be the most visited in the world after so many years of his departure into eternity.