Get ready to go out with … What’s it like going out with Aries, as with Leo? How somebody to win?

How looks out with Aries and, as with Leo? As each zodiac sign behaves in a meeting? How anyone to win? Read below.


At a meeting with Aries do not go without energy or, God forbid, tired. You will be marked as dead Steptoe, and that’s the end. Although this is the last thing that you might be at the meeting, be prepared for all kilometers of walking, chase around town, vying with everyone and everything …. One out fully active, as one called Aries, but in fact it comes about the relentless, constant rush.

Aries will know to appreciate your choice of colors in clothing, especially if you are wearing something red and shades of orange and yellow. If the conversation means competition and that you enjoy, but you make a good first impression. Their culture will show the desire to go to the museum … the war, of course! If you provide it and ride bicycles, roller skates or something like that, you’ve already half way to win!

BIK – make him dinner

Love at Bika awaken through his stomach. Never, but never forget that if you go out with Taurus! Do not be fooled by their appearance, even if they are not “elegant completed”. Nevertheless, they simply enjoy the food!

Going to dinner, or even better that you save yourself, but after that can still be a little human to lie down, and Bika you shot down by the legs. If he then still offer some sweet, Taurus is all yours – you are the love of his life!

If you prefer a restaurant with music, quieter of course, that he will not divert attention from the food, and then another on the karaoke where they can show off their singing skills (no matter if you really can sing!), Taurus will such release certainly long remember.

Gemini – Let them talk

Twins also take him to dinner, not a pardon, rather than on more dinner! One meal for the twins is not really good, it must be dinner for a number of different units. By the way, leaving the twins to a place where there is no scope and the Internet is a complete failure! He must be able to communicate next to you with his whole company, including the environment, no matter how much it bothered you. Do not be discouraged by the fact that you can not get to say it did not matter, what matters is that he’s talking about. All things – love, home, on business in particular … From him you will hear everything should be and what should not. The good thing is you do not have anything to do not ask him!

However, as it may seem, going out with the twins can not be boring. And if, when you get home, while Sabir impressions, you realize that many of the witnesses absolutely nothing is clear, not what they want, not what it does not, do not despair. He’ll call you back!

RAK – Do not criticize his mother

When exiting the air, select a quiet place where no one would see. Whatever you look and how you behaved, deep inside he’s a shy person! It is very possible that you invite a home, but do not hold your breath. It’s not that cancer has “bad intentions”, ma … This is not only because he feels most at home and wants to meet with family members. It is possible that you already at the entrance to greet his mother, aunt, grandmother or someone else. Want to be like? In no case do not blame him, and someone from the “welcoming committee” comment bad, especially the mother.

Probably will himself say that nobody, not even they do not understand … Do not fall victim to provocation! After a lovely home atmosphere and pleasant family gathering, Raku will bring great pleasure to share your movie. Comedy? By no means! Come into consideration only plays (if you cry, so much the better!). In some other cases the question and horror … (while you yourself go back home through the dark streets). Solomonic solution can be patriotic movie … you’ve probably already watched countless times.

LAV – nod

Sunrise and win one Lava is very simple. Nod (whatever he spoke), approve everything he says, by the praise his hair even if the hair is left of the previous decade. Tell him how he’s nice … I stand on is yours!

And when they rebel against something, do it just to be later agreed with him! If you’re going out, it must be out of memory. Gala places where others will see it’s mandatory. If you go to live music by Leo, making sure that this music gifts and come to your table … which, of course, must again be most notable in the restaurant. Get ready to set out, in any case. Top in the city center … Not at the periphery!

Device – For God’s sake, COME EDITORIAL

First and foremost precept of the Virgin at the beginning of the meeting is to be accurate – do not be late! Even if it is late, make sure you do not notice. The second rule, no less important, come to the editorial, for God’s sake. Your teeth, nails, hands, clothing … everything will Device to see, even if you do not even see! And when you put beard and disheveled hair, it must be organized and premeditated.

While walking, be sure to buy something to chew on the way, best healthy food. Dried fruit (ask who prefers) on measurement! Further out from the Virgin can go to extremes, and do not attempt to advance to estimate. It can be a peaceful exit, classic Dating, where you will be, of course, the whole evening to analyze and make your psychological profile. But the other extreme can be totally unexpected, shocking dancing late into the night. What is best for this evening, it is your responsibility to evaluate and complete, not to ask her. I never believe the Virgin when you say “it does not matter.”


The Libra is your responsibility to plan out, otherwise easily happen to spend hours and hours deciding where will this evening. Count that in this case the release last at least three weeks. Nothing to do is ask … You’ll enter into a discussion about the endless possibilities and in the end to stay in the same place.

Libra is very important what you wear. All the colors of the clothes have to be perfectly matched, and it is best to ask Vagu what to wear, but to synchronize. And if you make a mistake here, count it out already completed. Choose a cultural city, where there is a “dress code” – the theater was a big hit. In everything must be moderate and never and under no circumstances should it be the night I fight with someone. Even if you’re right, people will leave the impression incident.


With Scorpio is best to skip out and invite them over to watch the “Basic Instinct.” There is already much more important what you wear, because the Scorpio already look to you as soon took off! It does not matter not to go out for dinner, much more important that radiate sexual energy.

If you want the Taurus shows favor, tell my friends that I release unto you at the right time a couple of SMS messages posing as the “former”. Although it will, of course, act as if it does not matter, Bite hook. If someone from passers accidentally bit and potkačite, Scorpio, you will not mind. On the contrary, what you show your teeth for you will be a big plus!

SCORER – Take him to the zoo

Exit Shooters should start per day. His sympathies will win a trip to several of different places, a visit to the zoo must be one of those. If you happen to like the way we visit the travel agency, pick up a bunch of brochures about faraway countries, Taurus will know that price!

Be sure to leave it, even encourage it as much, to talk about other cultures, countries, philosophy … Planning a common path to a distant country, no matter what you first came out, the shooters will not seem strange or repulsive. On the contrary, it will be a call for an adventure, you just love shooters. You can not cut off the dock is your philosophical attitude about everything, even if it i completely unimportant things. Even if you are not a believer, for this evening is! Some kind of religious monument is required for the small detail that evening!

CAPRICORN – Get dressed in black

Capricorn does not like a lot of late meetings, for God’s sake, on the next day should stand up for the job. A job once Capricorn is sacred, and he can not possibly be delayed or go to work sleep-deprived. Look to your meeting still falls into a non-working day, Gemini will be much more relaxed. Points will win at the very beginning of the meeting if you come in darker colors (black and still the best!). Put on business, because most likely he barely had time to change his clothes after work. If I meet with to organize in a place closed, away from the public eye, Capricorn will be from the very beginning to feel more comfortable!

In addition to the usual going to dinner (obligatory traditional cuisine!), Organize a visit to one bit by the way (national) historical building and Capricorn will seriously try around you!


Date? Ma noooo, you did not even come out with a future partner, but with a buddy, pal, and accordingly and act. Do not forget that, way into the hearts of Aquarius leads to friendship! I Aquarius is very important to take her to a place where a good internet because their phone is one of the best on the market and it simply has to use!

If you are considering where to take an Aquarius, it will be best to be a restaurant at the top of a tall building. Perhaps the connection with Aquarius from comradely and exceed the emotional relationship, but if you remove it from all the wonders of technology and friends. Remember the golden rule – less follow social rules and you are rebellious, Aquarius will be sympathetic! Those authorities just can not tolerate.

If you meet someone on the evening of their society, get it right and the weather, otherwise you will be back home by yourself!

FISH – paid together

When you go out to fish, be sure to count on a small dose of confusion, at least in something. It is not excluded that the Fishes at the meeting greeted the eight although the agreement in force for two hours later! If you go by car, the advice is to be sure to look at what is left auto parking place. Fish that can easily forget, a romance will then be reduced to the pursuit of the car at the parking lot.

When you have already come to a dinner (with half an hour late!) And be sure to show their emotional side. Remember, romance is required for this evening, a boat trip along the dim lights and candles – ideal. Can abortion, but with mandatory booth where no one sees you. After dinner, watch “Titanic” or other drama. If the handkerchief soaked with tears together, Aquarius will be thrilled!

And if despite the tears show that you are in the business of the dragon that eats people alive, except that the swoop, Fish will be the next day to declare eternal love and make a ring!