GOOD TO ME HERE, IN THAT ASTRO nightmare: What is your worst nightmare?

Wake up covered in cold sweat, barely breathing, your heart pounding as you thought … what?

She started winter. It’s cold, darkness covers the early outlines of the city, rustling leaves, rain pattering, steam coming out of sewer poison. Everything is perfect for shooting a horror film. Soon the famous Halloween, but almost everyone in the minds of ghosts, goblins, witches and other creatures of joy. Everyone is afraid of something, every zodiac sign has a phobia, but …

Did you know that the nightmare “distributed” in the Zodiac? Read the description of a nightmare for your character, and be sure to let us know if you’ve ever dreamed of such a thing.


At the end you have a lengthy column and climb a high mountain. Group leaders are virgins and argue about it in which direction to go, while everyone else dragged behind them like snails. You make your way forward to guide and – performing a coup or crying to death. What will you do before?


Wait! Whose are those cars in the garage? OK, is that your car has been wrapped up and you’re often thought of selling and buying another, but … it was comfortable and, in addition, have not sufficiently explored the market. So, what’s that in your garage?


Can someone change the music? As a string orchestra that is not bad enough in itself, SSTE yourself in a room and your phone dies, you can not even call someone, let alone to start the player. Experiencing a breakdown in communication and your personal version of hell finally coming to get you!


As soon as you open the door, your friends will yell “SURPRISE!” It’s your birthday and they planned the whole evening. While threading the next fellow who hardly know each other, the wall starts projection of images – all your child’s nude photos, a bad haircut and even worse on the meetings you have coming out. And there’s a picture of your elegant occupancy phase.


Someone pulled out on stage and you participate in a karaoke competition. From your throat comes a hiss and a roar, a cocktail umbrellas and olive flying towards you with a loud and clear UA from the audience. Quiet and užubano returning to the table, only to realize that the person you’re missing out on a napkin and left a message saying that you’re a total loser.


You are behind the counter and in front of you is a long line of angry customers waiting to tell you in detail what is wrong with a product that you have designed. Yes, with those products which you have slaved for years and were convinced that now is the best in the world. They do not want no substitute nor a refund – they want your head!


Fore and fittings of your partner you go on the nerves, but eons ago. On the verge of exploding … you can only perform another trick. And then, breaking his hand, screaming with a loud voice, your hands on his / her neck. So many of your famous emotional control, Vago.


Believe his new crush completely, until it went under the shower – then throw in digging and sniffing. Searching through drawers next to the bed you find sexy clothes that you have not seen. For Ig It takes two, she thinks, and plotting revenge.


The jury returned with the verdict and you are guilty. You will spend the next decade in one place. Do not worry … It is a prison with a minimum of security that will give you a good view of the highway, and you will be able to fantasize about where you travel, when you are released on parole.


When it points a finger at you? Is not he the guy you’re monitored before you lost your job. Sad worn washed jeans and sit in a small workstation in a series of barrier that has no end. What happened to your Gucci suit and an office in the corner?


A security guard meets you at the entrance of the new company, taking you to the room where you will experience a complete transformation. When you finally escorted to a new office, you will see that all look just like you. The next thing on your schedule is the newcomer – brainwashing!


You will hear a loud banging on the door and when it reveals the three gentlemen from the tax authorities who are willing to provršljaju at your books. They want to test each of your accounts, and sumnjivovam is that you are self-employed. The tears and the fear of open shoe box into which you pushed receipts.