Goodness is from hell came out – aspect of opposition

Aspect opposition in astrology is not always difficult, even though in most cases brings conflict and open conflict … If we look at the opposition through nature fields 1 and 7, like you and me attitude, then the opposition conflict – I with non-yeah, specifically with what define it differently from us. But we could see that the opposite is not true that we are opposed to. If we see what we are not, then why are still upset?

Annoys us because we see that this part is missing or that part does not understand enough. To understand something, we have to leave our comfort zone, but this is often not pleasant. The opposition because, although the conflict is the way to learn about themselves and their strengths, the opposition is a good way to learn something new about yourself, since it is in complete contrast to what we already have.

Therefore, you should never weigh only one side, because the ideal is never at the end, but the middle. Ideal includes both good and bad, light and dark, male and female …

While the Saturn and Mars make an exact opposition, out of all the intense moments that this relationship brings, it can be said that this energy is focused on something new, and against the established patterns and behavior patterns. Can imagine ,, rising from the dead “, regeneration and radically change attitudes. It will not be pleasant, but it does not mean that this will be the outcome.

This is the aspect of liberation from darkness, it is clear what can be done and what is not. Mars in Gemini is variable and hasty, but should not give up their own ideas just because they now make annoying or things do not go as planned … Mars Opposition Saturn represents the generation gap, youth against age, but also the misunderstanding arising from it .

Young people can be hasty and changeable, it is important to them is the experience, not so much learning about the experience. A typical representative of this is Mars in Gemini, which means vital energy and variable. On the other hand, Saturn in Sagittarius is a symbol of a wise, elderly people who do not go more for the experience, how to learn the lessons that will be taken.

Saturn aim is to convey a message, to preserve the tradition and eventually directed the young energy towards constructive solutions. Therefore, this opposition should be regarded as changing your own life, changing habits and focus on what serves life. Should be rejected (Mars) all unconstructive relationships of life without any remorse (Saturn).