Goose MY: Horoscope advises how to refresh the connection

If you have fallen into the monotony of love, do not be overly concerned about – the stars will help you to wake up passion!

It seems like that is the main pastime in autumn to numb everything it touches. People are sleepy and serious, the sky descends and black above all obnaženijih crown. So i love affair “suffering” stagnate and be lulled to sleep. If you care about your partner and do not know how to restore the old grill, stars will help overcome stuffiness autumn.

If you are in relation to the ram, do not expect a romantic outbursts. To him the most important action and excitement. Passion is where the adrenaline, but will go to the match of his beloved club to be hit. Of course, if his team wins, because the Rams more than boredom hate only defeat.

If your partner BIK, expect romance within the tradition. He will climb on a horse and take you to dinner in the cabin. With him no way not to be frugal because it is satisfied when the quality honors. And then he will treat you to the quality of the bed.

Your man Gemini Lodge intellectual competition. If you invite your friends who are willing to discuss serious topics themselves the courage to enter into a discussion with him – he’ll be even more attractive.

Guys who are crab horoscope believe that the relaxation of the best recreation. They like to completely relax in the company of loved ones. Cook his hot chocolate, tuck up next to him, leave a film that exudes romance and pat him.

LAV is the king of the animals, so it is logical that anyone who has this sign in the horoscope wants to feel like royalty. Surprise him with something luxurious, and his heart will stay yours. Take him on a romantic weekend, have breakfast in bed, you have fun in the jacuzzi and warm up next to the fireplace. Go to popular restaurants and show off all that Leo is with you. If he is satisfied will show you how much passion hides.

Unlike Leo, Virgo needs peace. He just wants to hide somewhere in nature, and is ethno tourism for him perfect. Go to the village interjected his homemade bread, pamper him because he is used to being the one who pleases. Make sure that your Virgo completely omitted in order to keep you warm valid.

Elegance attracts scale. Commit to a refined detail – go to an exclusive wine cellar, try expensive wines, buy him something luxurious, but all the time be perfectly fleshed and graceful. It would be best to confuse styling and a gift, but he did not know which bows first to relieve – that the decorative paper or the one on your dress.

If you are clothed in mystery and riddles, Scorpio will remain yours. Or are his. Plan a trip on the weekend, but it certainly does not reveal where you’re going, not where or how much. Allow it to awaken curiosity and imagination Tickle him. Your mystery is a real aphrodisiac for him.

If you have the strength to deal with an autumn adventure, shooter will stay with you. He is interested in any interesting place in which has not previously been. Do not give up, if you have already had the guts to hook up with him, prove to him that you are worthy. Anyway, does not like to travel alone, however, if it proves to be a good companion, be completely enchanted.

If the goat wake up feeling that something is achieved, you will be queen of his heart. Go with him to run or climb on a mountain – specially excites height. If you do not show a trace of remorse or fatigue, do not be surprised if you are on top presses against a tree and took a fully trained – allowing you to watch the panorama until you’re dizzy with passion and lack of oxygen.

If you are fast and dynamic you need not be afraid to go to Aquarius. Come down to the river, ride a boat and drink a glass of wine. After that, go to a home party, or organize, as Aquarius likes crowds and a lot of company. Razdrmaće by loud music and a good atmosphere, but will probably take her arm and quickly take you into the first empty room.

Spirituality is what keeps FISH with you. They are in constant search for inner peace, it would be ideal if your partner to a weekend at a spa, where they can relax in a warm atmosphere and massages. Even if you are the mysterious masseuse who had tied a scarf over his eyes – prepare the volcano of passion.