Grand Cross configuration, which further enhances the conjunction of Mars and Saturn!

In heaven now Grand Cross configuration, which further enhances the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, by being introduced into opposition with the Moon and the square to the Sun and Neptune. Signs that are in this configuration, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, so changeable signs, indicating that the instability and volatility in world events.

Since there is no focus point in this configuration, any work with one of the planet will affect all the other planets. This is the aspect of milestones and destiny, which provides protection, but it also creates a very large and heavy energy on the planet. It is an energy that is hard to master partly because it seeks to change shape and adapt to conditions.

On a personal level brings frustration, illusions, fears, inability to find peace of mind, the constant search for something better, more convenient, mulated. But that search has a goal, a focal point in the configuration, the person would be easier, thus seems to go from planet to planet, time adapting loyalty towards the planet.

The tendency to have a purpose in life, without a clear knowledge of what is required and under what circumstances compel a person to invest a lot of energy into something that it does not make sense. In fact, it is difficult to make sense here, since, once the meaning found, immediately and reviewed. One nihilistic configuration in which the person herself drawn into the subconscious and awakens again his fears.

With this aspect needs to be careful, because it accumulates energy without clear intentions. This is to some extent driven by unrecognized energy which tends to destroy, without a clear objective why it works.