Great Annual Fish love horoscopes for 2021 from the perspective of your astrologer!

Representatives of your sign this year can be quite turbulent. You should definitely take advantage of the period to mid-July, as you could in spite of less favorable for various aspects of the plan will educate themselves, be able to arrange my life to meet someone who will suit you and to determine their position in a relationship or marriage.
Venus, planet of love that has a big impact on you during the first two months goes retrograde walking through astrological fields of friends and the public, through the astrological field of secret love and you can be under considerable pressure to whether to enter into an emotional relationship with someone who is not free or not. Venus will be in Capricorn and Aquarius until the second half of March, it will not mean a lot in a positive way, it can bring a higher excitement, romance, unless you are recently married or related. When you all a little under a veil of secrecy and if you are married and if you are free, you do not want anyone to know something important about your life. Transit of Mercury retrograde, the planet that rules your astrological field of partnerships and marriage from 7 February to 1 March can bring into your life someone who is quite unreliable but probably very charming and if you are a foreigner or a person who lives in another town you may often see each other somewhere along the way. All those representatives of your characters who travel frequently, have the opportunity to experience many flirtations, especially if you are an artist or present in public. This is especially true for those who are ambitious and have at least one or two planets in Aquarius and Aries. If you recently made a significant turnaround in private life, if you disconnect or start a new one, beware of the debate until the end of July. Symbolism some nausaglašenosti is enabled, especially if you’re in a relationship with Libra, Aries, Capricorn. Beginning of the year could bring the administration with representatives of these characters sort of romantic trip or acquaintance with the same somewhere abroad.

How will throughout the year at certain intervals, the first in February and this ode to February 7 to March 1, then from 7 June to 2 July and 26 October of, Mercury, ruler of your astrological house of partnership to be the backward stroke, you will often have the impression that partner hesitates and does not know exactly what she wants. Yet until mid-July protects you against Jupiter, the planet of positive feelings from the air and from Saturn Scorpio. Any longer relationship has a chance to survive if you are in the beginning of a relationship, the more chances you have in love with someone who specializes in art, medicine, science, commerce and politics than any other business. Many fish can be in love with a person who works in a bank, or to the foreign company. In March, moving very tumultuous period. Emphasized will be the astrological house of possessiveness, jealousy, competition, or you’ll be able to get to her election in a diplomatic way. If you are free, some at work since the beginning of April to May is doing will not leave you alone. Asteroid Psyche at the beginning of the year in Capricorn brings interesting the acquaintance with the person with whom you have something to talk about and it is someone who will be at certain intervals to report and if you are in a relationship or marriage, try to avoid discussions during the solar eclipse, 29. April especially with regard to common obligations or plans and 15 April in the dark of the moon. The second half of May can bring a romantic relationship with a Taurus or Scorpio. Mars, suvladalac Latest weak from 5 March to 20 May in Libra can symbolize someone waiting for their five minutes that you impose and to notice. We will try to avoid connections with those who are not free, but you will not be so easy to proceed hand.

From June 7 to July 2 stroke retrograde Mercury, planet of the fickleness of cancer and Blizacima a ruler is your astrological field partnerships can bring confidence to your partner, especially if you are a Virgo lady partner is youthful, charming or perhaps for years or not “surrender”. If you are a man Fish, you are much more tolerant of frequent mood changes of your partner especially if it is occupied their obligations.

Many will be interesting especially a Scorpio in late July when Mars is entered into this passionate character to which you were never indifferent. Before that, in mid-July, the entry of Jupiter in the sign of Leo suits only those who were born at the end of a character born until the early signs may be felt somewhat desatbilizovanim and may have the impression that partener courted by others or the environment too attracts attention and you will be quite jealous. When the July 2 start diretknim walk from the third decade of the Twins on July 14, when he entered in Cancer, you will feel some sort of relief, but only temporarily. Jupiter leaves your astrological field of love that is in Cancer and becomes a bit frivolous, cheerful and irresponsible Lava to be an enigma for you, especially if it is a colleague who is often absent on business trips abroad.

Many fish are often insecure and difficult to reassure you have any reason for it, or will try to find out about past partners. Black Moon Lilith in Leo symbolizes someone who will be willing to do anything to undermine your self-confidence, many of you are hostile because they irritate and if you can not destabilize the professional level, try to do it on emotivnom.Ribe who were born early to mid-60s should be careful entering into any relationship, especially when it comes to the ladies fish that are related to those dealing with big business or to work on the relationship between the secretary-director, a young lady-person position. Men Fish, however, will have a need for connectivity with intelligent, capable and enterprising parnterkom and will not have any complex in the case of someone who is at a higher position than them.

The first half of August can be very interesting, many intrigues are on the horizon, many of you are courting a mid-August have to take matters into their own hands especially if you feel that your life is not what you want to lead. It would be best to go somewhere on vacation with your partner. In mid-August the free Fish may be the subject of courtship Gemini, Virgo, Leo and Scorpio.

Autumn brings many pleasant moments, especially those fish that are in love with a person with a job or with the same business partner as well. September is the period of love and jealousy October period. Mars in October passes through Sagittarius as the most representative of your character does not bring anything good if you are a typical Aries seeking attention and tenderness of a partner is occupied with business, travel and career. Nevertheless November is your month in every respect. You can get in touch with someone who is very popular, ladies Pisces much more convenient than this month, men who will not endure authoritative partner. Those who are in the other significant relationship or marriage will have to clear up the relations of the past because the partner could be too demanding in terms of resolving the financial issues but could also help create a sense of guilt or that you somehow “chased”. Fish born in the late 60s are at a crossroads of whether to enter into a marriage with a Scorpio, Virgo, or Capricorn.

Conclusion – The first part of the year auspicious for marriage, an extension of the family, romance, part favorable to secret relationships, passionate love or are possible inconvenience and will not keep the situation under control. Do not make hasty decisions about the love life, especially if you are on some vatranim sign.