In January we will continue to change plans in connection with a house or purchase them. Period after the New Year, it is best to take advantage to do all the things you do then deposited. Bearing in mind that your government sign Mars, the same symbolism is obvious with the Rams.

However, the violence, the struggle for victory and domination are not a good option for achieving the goal, and you have a well-intentioned proposal to turn the development of competitive spirit this month and give yourself a fair and secure victory. Nastupajte honestly and without calculation in every situation. In early January will be particularly highlighted the skills of teamwork, and that no matter what your plans are, make some room for cooperation with others, but also for fun. You will have success!

Business & Finance

In the period that follows you will have a lot to do to keep yourself on the current salary amount. None other than yourself you tailor your happiness. Consequently, the success will come if you take advantage of all the resources and apply new methods, carefully watching for fine details, but at the same time do not forget to help others. By nature you are self-critical, but you love to criticize others.

However, this month, be sure to consult partners in relation to his career. You can expect a lot of business lunches, where there will be opportunities for upoznacanja handful of influential people. No kalkulipite with the exchange rate of the euro. Roads will at some point cross and you will be able together to benefit the business. When making decisions, be careful and safe! Always trust your feelings, especially when it comes to business. Choose associates, but be careful who they are and why they want to cooperate with you.

January is ideal for improving and creating new business opportunities and strengthen collegial relations, especially with the competition. If you plan a project, now is a great time for implementation. Whatever you do, success will follow you to the end of January, because you are full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Always carry business cards because you never know who you might meet in society.

Love, family, friends

For Rams winter is ideal for new love. You’re one of those characters whose intellect and emotions do not go side by side. Currently strive for ideals, but remember that you and a lot of charm and tenderness can impress in the long run. In the middle of the month it is possible acquaintance through friends or relatives.

For busy rams, January is the month made for adventure and entering the forbidden relationship. Since the beginning of January you will flirt wherever you are, always in a pleasant company. But be careful, because each school is paid! In mid-month, the partner may express anger or jealousy, so be careful not to get into unnecessary problems from which the business can easily pull out. At the end of the month can be interesting acquaintance with people born in the sign of air.

Horoscope for health

And January is ideal for when you are talking about health. Although many cold winter, you feel great. With a little effort and toil realize the goals you’ve set for yourself. Since the beginning of next month, things will not be so easy to take place, so make the most of the opportunities that you provide.

Because of all the obligations that await possible insomnia, so enough rest. Health depends only on yourself, and do not blame others for his murder. Take advantage of your good energy and good behavior themselves. Use every day to be outside. Walks will be pleasant for you and your health. The window of opportunity to go to make the most joy as a form of relaxation.


The first month of the New Year will be particularly fruitful for the Bulls. As your sign is ruled by Venus blistaćete in every respect. This is the time when you create, falling in love, worry about family and children. You will have a lot of success on the emotional level, and compared with those close to you.

Do not count on financial assistance from the side, because you yourself ultimately result in an embarrassing situation from which will be difficult to uproot. Make the most of the upcoming holiday season to a nice rest and recharge your batteries. Period coming up will be ideal for heavy meals, and you need to take care of health and nutrition. Possible injuries at work, watch out!

Business & Finance

January is usually the month MRTV, but you can expect a short unplanned trip. Take advantage of it if you run the business opportunities it is possible to make money, especially at the beginning of the month. You will have financial investments, but be careful not to overdo it. Persistence will pay off, because you’ll get compliments from co-workers, which will specifically mean to keep working. At work it will be very full and will be events that can bring progress your career. Stay reasonable and do not deceive yourselves.

Improving the financial plan you can expect more of the middle of the month, keeping in mind that it is the persistence pay off and you will succeed and earn. There is a possibility that you run into some friends from the middle of the month where you have not had contact for a long time, and which will need a business proposal to change plans.

Search for accurate information about the various events on the business scene in order to achieve their long term goals. You care to provide better conditions for themselves, as this will provide greater authority among supervisors.

Love, family, friends

You are attracted by Aquarius, Aries and Leo, and your ideal partner could be Aries. At every step will be an opportunity to flirt, but do not take if a connection is important and you want to keep. You will be prone to frequent falling in love and advice to its maximum passion trap, because you can hurt both partners, or worse cause his jealousy or anger. Do you have a secret admirer who has the courage to tell approached.

Pay attention to the environment. Free mid-month will have a little romance at work, a flirting and Charming opposite sex will be commonplace for you, at least for this month. However, each school can pay you no more of this you will not leave unpunished, so be careful how you behave and control their emotions. At the end of the month to take bulls will have disagreements with your loved one, but everything will be resolved until the New Year do not worry. There are always things about which you should think in a similar manner or to find a compromise.

Horoscope for health

In this period you will be sensitive and irritable because you will be constantly tormented by the fear of failure. The only thing is to be realistic fear the possible injury on the job, so be careful. Relax, month and year ahead of you represents only joy and happiness.

Clean out your body as much as possible using as many lemons, cinnamon and olive oil, but they will also protect you from oncoming colds. Do not worry too much, relax and see the maximum that you remove all internal energy fears. The Council has to check you eyes.


Celebrations around the New Year will bring you a richer social life and lead you to a very worthy people. For you it’s not so strange, having in mind that actively participate in the processes in the near vicinity as well as in resolving all disputed issues and questions. Use good vibrations around you! In all fields await you happy turns, and you will be more relaxed than usual. It is likely that you will work and love intertwine, and it is possible acquaintance through colleagues.

In any case, a lot of things will izdešavati and holidays will bring you nothing but a joy and pleasure. Try to be physically active. Many foods can harm your stomach. Do not overeat!

Business & Finance

You have a lot of quality ideas in mind, now is the ideal opportunity to realize them! Earnings comes as a result of dedicated work and persistence at work. Do not throw away prizes and awards – you deserve them. However, the middle of the month you will have some misunderstandings at work with his close colleagues. The best advice is to overcome amicably and conversation, not to put in an uncomfortable situation.

Still more black you thought – you have the impression that you are in the business of someone always anticipates the ideas that you have created a long time ago, but they have not been implemented. Do not criticize colleagues, as will be coarser than you’d like, but it can be misconstrued. Do not despair, better days are coming soon, so will your thoughts be consistent with positive changes.

Money expect only in the second decade of January, but do not get too comfortable, because you can easily fall into a financial crisis.

Love, family, friends

Unlike the security that accompanies you when the business plan is concerned, the love life that you feel you need stability and security. Taken Gemini think of a safe harbor, so many of you in this month to stop the knot. Are you waiting for just the right moment to open your heart to your partner and find him their emotions. Feel free to constantly occasionally toyed with one person, a middle of the month you’ll hear something about that person that will cheer you up.

Due to the festive atmosphere, you will be tempted to engage in an affair with someone you just met. However, we advise you a secret affair because you will quickly disappoint. Free Gemini will be a month that awaits them spend surrounded by a bunch of friends, they will not fall hard because they will realize that true happiness is when you have sincere friends that know each other a lifetime.

Horoscope for health

Given the fact that the holidays go, you’ll be quite Alavo act. Due to excessive obligations in recent times have not arrived to eat a lot and you feel fatigue. Make sure that you excessive amounts of food comes head because you are threatening stomach problems. Strive to strengthen immunity in these cold winter days. Vitamin C, reducing carbohydrates will certainly help you avoid viruses rampant.

Elder could have a problem with chronic diseases. Think you are often oriented towards the past and also your health problems are due to huff yourself or others. Therefore, the turn toward the coming year, cleanse the thoughts and you will see that you will be much happier and more relaxed.


This month you can expect big changes. The business ideas will be achievable in the extent to try yourself. Get ready for big plans. The new year brings a freshness to your everyday life and make the most of every moment to shine. Love life will gain in importance next few months, and make sure that the maximum engage in this plan.

Love life will gain in importance next few months. Do not be oversensitive, soon follows you link with Scorpio, it is possible that you have just fallen into a period when you take only one bad word and you will cry. Good reexamine all the decisions that are going to make, you would not complain after. Chance of stress, beware of yourself!

Business & Finance

If you focus on what you want to achieve success is guaranteed! From that moment waiting for you in this business only good news. Use them in your maximum benefit. How are the plans, so far you have managed to get in some areas, and its success can explain the proper assessment of a given situation and business interests. The stars are on your side, but do not ignore the different aspects of success. The next few days you can expect a variety of news and gossip, and much of what you hear will be partially true, but if you and how to use it depends only on you.

The whole month business plan will be successfully realized, and later this month will finally finish the job that you are tormented. After that will come the money, and normally will not, according to your understanding be enough, and you will seek help from close friends and relatives. Do not forget some kinship contacts from abroad. They will need to meet as usual, but you will not be able to avoid and the accompanying criticism.

Love, family, friends

Thank your partner for everything he does for you so that you will give him maximum attention. There is a possibility that a lone Crab fall in love during a business meeting. Taken Crabs feel that love them slowly leaving, you should look for an exit to another page. Slowly get tired of your partner’s story, which makes you be repeated month after month, and it increases the ability to enter the forbidden water, which you at the same time dismayed and happy.

Crabs are fluctuating during this period and do not keep them a place. The house feels like anxiety and weight concrete changes. For free Tropic of this period is ideal for meeting new partners. You look ravishing and attractive and you know all your qualities that make it the right way. It’s easy to recognize the signs of potential partners when you point out.

Horoscope for health

You may have had health problems in the past month. You’re out of your work, and on the emotional level are not flowered roses, so you would be overwhelmed mentally and physically, and emotionally. When something like this happens, a person can easily get sick because it weakens the immune system. In January, make it slow down the pace, not to wear themselves out too much of your body and mind.

Also, the family situation can significantly affect your health. It should in this month to avoid stress situation and to be happy with what life has to offer. Years ahead that you will bring you peace and tranquility, and therefore less emotional rastrojstava. The second half of this month is favorable for all who are on the waiting list for surgery.


Lions are known for their desire to have a constant progression of, a period of waiting time will be characterized by just. Your goal is to get you more money, so you can make the most of the upcoming holidays to recharge your batteries, and to continue at the same pace and the following months and during this year.

However, there is no torment without science, success will come if you show persistence and perseverance in work and responsibility in decision-making. Do not rush the implementation of decisions, until you are completely sure of success. The rivalry at work from time to time will be upset, but it’s yourself in nature, as always strive for perfection. Eat more fruits and cooked food in order not to burden the stomach.

Business & Finance

However, despite all the qualities that characterize you, chances are that you will guide the wrong time and energy this month. Although generally, this energy will be turned to business decisions. At the beginning of the month you will have a lot of energy to measure business competitors. Only in the middle of the third decade of January will be able to long-term plan for the future.

Consider whether to adequately treat you in the workplace. You are right that someone underestimates, but the problem is in your wrong approach to what you want now and immediately. Give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with the potential situation and to consider how out of it you can possibly get out. It seems you are going to compromise your damage.

It was not always so, success can come if you receive a team. The most important thing is to keep a good relationship with co-workers and not Alec too, but to apply the golden rule of successful business and that is to use proven patterns.

Love, family, friends

What you have in January plans to change something in your appearance for the better, which will ultimately have a positive effect on the opposite sex. You will have a friendly match with Libra or Aquarius. Taken to be showered with attention partners. Do not questioning the motives of a loved one, but accept the attention that you are offering.

Deep down you want the new relationship you are in progress. At the end of the month as possible to report suspected in a partner in the sincerity of your love. You are expected to make a decision and you think about what you do. If you are married, it is possible for a surprise trip for New Year’s holidays. Free should not begin a relationship if you are not quite sure they want to engage in the same. It is possible a pleasant surprise. In mid-month waiting for you a nice night with friends you have not seen for a long time, and who are dear to you.

Horoscope for health

Health earlier this month you will serve the great. It is possible to attack a viral infection, but do not worry, shortly will last. However, a problem could arise if, due to business obligations and negligence not Recover from illness and not help the body to cope with the disease. So, be disciplined and do not pose as heroes.

If you are older, could you suffer from depression. Find a way to watch life on the bright side. At the end of the month, specifically about the New Year festive euphoria will catch you, and wanted, I do not want you will be in the mood and smiling all day. Council for the end of the month – eat as many fruits and light food in order not to burden the stomach.


Finally comes your “sidereal month”. At the end of the month is expected realization of all your plans that you had in mind. Happiness comes when you least expect it. In January, be careful when it comes to money. It just takes a little patience to realized that love, happiness and money can go together.

If you doubt yourself, talk openly to solve all your problems. It is time to stand up for a role that belongs to you, if you give your maximum. Be responsible, house and your beloved are the source of emotion and energy, not further obligation.

Business & Finance

This is the time when you are so busy and engaged in more parties, and act superior in a meeting with associates. It is essential that your energy and time to direct the activities that will bring great benefit. Listen to the advice of colleagues, will prove of great benefit. Fatigue will catch up, and it does not hurt to consider some kind of rest because it is necessary to accumulate positive energy.

Finish his work finally will get at the end of the month when you expect the funds, but expect money from relatives or friends. However, to get money, so it will be a better chance that the same help by give him the loan. Do not worry, your money will be refunded at the time, and perhaps doubled.

Money will use to invest in new business ideas a success you can expect mid-next year.

Love, family, friends

Do u love while your partner supports you in everything you do. You should be thinking about marriage or at least living together with a partner. Available Device will meet people who will be a pleasant surprise, but it is possible that an acquaintance grow into something more. You have planned for a long time to travel abroad with a partner, but due to some unplanned events will have to dispose of it for next year. But do not despair, in exchange for travel partner have prepared a pleasant surprise. You will meet at the end of the month in which the person will be enchanted and will for a long time that you are going through your mind. This month is an opportunity to try to correct the communication with the surroundings and close friends, because it is possible that you’ve moved away due to excessive obligations.

There is a possibility that the Virgin meet someone at work, but only if that person his tenacity state to consider whether you could with her to function in this regard. Persistently avoid the views of the person for a long time trying to seduce you. Despite the fact that in front of you there are many challenges, eventually you will not be able to resist that matters – emotional. So relax and enjoy everything your life organized. Partner knows how can you charm.

Horoscope for health

The stars suggest that health during this month and the second half of the same could be threatened. The main reason for this decline is due to the immune system and excessive nervousness because of worry about the job. Beware of cold and flu, eat more fruits and vegetables.

You need to be healthy and happy to welcome the holidays happy. In these winter days Think about your life plans and desires and what is it that actually makes you happy. New Year and the upcoming holidays will warmly welcome.


New year brings new challenges. Before you is a very serious and difficult period because of the need to adapt to new situations in your life, but at the same time to solve business, personal and family problems. Make sure that you have a little more understanding for mess colleague from work, but also the people you care about, such as a close friend or relative. Do not expect the impossible. Ideal partners are you in this period Bulls and Lions.

If you’re into something more mature years, Capricorn and Gemini are also appealing to you. Be gentle with your loved one as this can show that you are the person to whom she can always count. You like to druđite with positive people, and it should in particular continue and in the new year. Health is in your upcoming holidays perfect.

Business & Finance

To avoid squandered valuable time and energy, you better sit down and agree about business decisions with colleagues. In the last decade of the pressure is relieved. At the end of the month possible influx of money and in satisfactory quantities last.

Period that comes is for you extremely active and intense on the business plan. But be careful, because some colleagues use it and can you manipulate or even deceive. As the end of the month, and will increase the amount of work, but it will eventually pay off because you will be commended. One person is not your confidence and it will be shown as well, because its promise to yourself to be betrayed.

This month you are in the mood to all their discussions through dialogue, but it is not preporučljivo.Potrudite to keep your comments to yourself and discussion to a minimum because too subjective experience new things and situations at work and constantly underestimate the ability of some colleagues.

Love, family, friends

Take advantage of every moment. You are constantly trying to change its attitude on the emotional level according to personal preferences and interests that you have the impression that the constant banging his head against the wall. However, this is a period when you have poor communication with your partner. What may seem to you a clear and acceptable to your partner’s totally the opposite. During January, there is not much hope that you will find plenty of challenging partner that will meet your criteria, but do not worry, the new year with new opportunities for partner relationship.

Tip for busy scales that do not solve the problems of partners if they do not seek them. You can engage in a brief affair of which I know absolutely nothing. You are currently vulnerable, and let your partner to create a life together. Make sure you enjoy the maximum privileges that come from their family and friends. Scales for Free forthcoming new acquaintance that promises exciting emotions and pleasure. ‘

Horoscope for health

The stars suggest that this year you will have new health problems. So it should be if all scales were identical. Because they are not, they will react differently to the same environmental situation. Considering that you are a little more ambitious in this period, you might overdo it a bit. It is possible that excessive use up your energy or to preforsirate but to weaken your immune system and lead to infection.

Go to the doctor if you suddenly something hurts in the chest. It is best that this month in the house spend as much time and so you will be sure to pass the New Year holidays in health and happiness.


There was a period when we should handle the situation in his personal life, but also the financial situation, love life and family relationships. The successes are there at your fingertips, and they will ensure that only as we work together with partners and give them confidence completely.

You will enjoy the humorous possessive Aries and Sagittarius. However, the best situation you can expect the emotional level and in relation with the neighbor. Some people become your interest and your emotions flare up. Be careful! Do not get too involved with a person who is not free. Take care of the spine and feet.

Business & Finance

You can expect improvement if you do stock business. Everything is slowly coming into place, and the recommendations to be patient. You have a good cooperation with the earth signs, or looking for advice from people born in a fiery sign.

If you are involved in trade, favorable performance period, especially when it comes to imports. Pay attention to the dollar exchange rate and do not calculate with him. It is possible that will perform minor problems which will be easily manageable. Some of Scorpio in this period to be depressed, and this primarily refers to those who have lost their job or partner.

Since you will be prone to dark thoughts, it is best to take all that bad energy into something creative, because you will be given the opportunity to earn something. You will have a lot of obligations at work, but success is guaranteed at the end of the month. January will be experienced for the twins to be favorable for the business transaction, but be careful because you can be manipulated by close associates. Relive your business wardrobe when you’re able.

Love, family, friends

If you are busy, you can expect financial support of partners, a common recommendation is to invest in the future. Constantly you have the impression that your partner is hiding something from you. Available Scorpio in this period too attack and will chase someone for them heated. Make sure you understand what you partner is trying to tell you, because that will not fall into the embarrassing situation. Romantic and you try to create a cozy atmosphere in your surroundings. You need to try to evaluate one’s efforts and expressed feelings because you depend on the success of your relationship.

Special inspire common plans, but there are situations that extra insirišu the emotional happiness. Get out more often and you will see that you were going to meet the person of your dreams. In which direction will go this relationship depends on you. Partner is jealous, and be careful. The Council is to move in this month in the company of people who are close to you.

Horoscope for health

During this period, your health is just fine. If you want to be healthy, not heroes and do not test their skills. Do not much to be angry if someone wants to point out the error and began to criticize you. Idu holidays, and be tolerant, and thus you will preserve your health. You are the person who can often go too far and try to rein in certain situations to your health not to suffer.

Be moderate in consumption of food and beverages. New Year holidays bring with them the possibility of overeating, and that you should not be sad. The Council is to make sure the spine, it is possible that you will wear something difficult, which will cause pain in the lower back, but it will force you to rest a few days, which ultimately may not be bad.


Get ready for the challenges. In this month you must be to reflect on the financial plan, not because you have problems with money, but rather because of a change of personal value system. It would be nice if you were in your relationship entered their most beautiful emotions and qualities, only in this case you and your partner can fully surrender to love pleasure.

In this period the problems of Aquarius and Taurus. There will be problems with circulation, so be careful. Be careful how much you drink alcohol, smoke, avoid as much as possible and it can not be mixed with sedatives.

Business & Finance

Try to understand other people’s problems, but do not forget that you are not a psychologist. It is possible windfall! It is necessary to pay attention to ways to adapt to situations that are in the interest of common interests, especially when business relations are concerned. In poselednje time choosing alternative routes iliti easier solutions for getting out of unpleasant situations. You feel that your creative powers are falling and you need to unload as soon as accumulated liabilities.

The best recommendation is to hire a reliable partner in order to be able to achieve common goals and interests that will have a promising future. Do not be overstated. Indulge others to prove themselves in new situations. In the middle of the month will launch a new business that will be more successful than earlier. It should be good to consider what it is that would meet your expectations in this business. Do not worry too much about yourself or bring in an uncomfortable situation for no reason.

This is a bad period for loans and bank loans, so avoid it in a wide arc. Costs to a minimum, but towards the end of the month you will feel the change. After this month will be the ideal time to invest.

Love, family, friends

This is the time to review whether you made a good choice on the emotional level. Some shooters will strengthen their links because the person in the same meets their current criteria. For available in this sign is preparing nice romance with a person you have recently met at a conference. Do not get too surprised if this link does not take place because it is high time to get out of situations that have no perspective. End of year you brought nothing but trouble, which had started from third parties. Now this will change dramatically!

Those who have a longer stay in connection starting dissatisfied. Consider, you are the main driver of all, or refresh the relationship or start a partner in the desired direction, if you want your relationship to survive. Free will be able to attract someone like themselves. Is it good or bad, time will tell. One person shooters constantly attracts attention because it is unusual and so far in life you have not had the chance to meet anyone quite like her.

Horoscope for health

No one is immune to low temperatures. The sky is clouded over. Due to the low immune system, which has already happened in the past few months your body are attacked allergies. It also does not exclude the possibility of incorrect treatment. Do not despair! Try to find the real cause of the current situation.

Fortunately, the time when you are afflicted with health problems is slowly ending. Sun, which your government will give you a sign of enthusiasm that all tame replacing light and energy! In the festive days ahead will be full of enthusiasm and a lot easier and quicker to forget the unpleasant scene. Be careful in traffic.


Finally it was time to stabilize, and you will have the opportunity to do a lot in this period. People need to understand who you are and what you want to achieve in life. In January, you will have a lot of success, but each entry into a new job, you will feel the enthusiasm. Currently what you most troubling emotions and do not know how to evince. However, as the years go by, you become all the young at heart, and all what it used to be missed when you were young, now trying to catch up.

Now for you the most realistic option is that you will enter into a marriage, and this is especially true for members of the Tropic of Capricorn, whose rising. During the holidays, all kinds of changes you’ll be able to feel the social level. This period was prolific in every sense, and it should be utilized to the limit. Pay attention to nutrition.

Business & Finance

During this period around Christmas you’ll have enough money, but only if you’re taking care of business. To show their readiness and suitability for the job action, categorically defend their beliefs, however some events of this month will further complicate your social or business life. You should meet certain conditions of its staff, so as not to provoke a new discussion or how not to get into conflict because of different business ideas and interests. January will be great for those who are engaged in private business.

Do you will get some information to help you start a new job for which you are preparing for a longer period. Often worry and fear, but there is no reason to do so. The main motive for the successful performance of the job will be that you will perform the work without pressure. No dogovarajte job in Swiss francs. Chance inflow of money at the end of the month, which will justify your perseverance and hard work.

Love, family, friends

There continues to be with you the need for beautification and doteravanjem. I secretly want t