Guess how soil determine your fate-what form of fingers reveals about you?

The shape of the fingers, the distance between them and some other details say a lot about you. Discover what.

What form of fingers reveals about you?

Round toes: You want harmony and balance in your life and avoid condemnation

Square or flat fingers: Strive for accuracy and hate understatement

Wide fingers: Do you like originality, and avoiding routine

Pointed fingers: Are you interested in all that is strange and mysterious, and avoid everyday things that annoy you.

What spacing between fingers say about you?

The distance between the fingers, or in a relaxed state, may also reveal some details of your personality. Widespread fingers reveal that this is an independent person who is open to new experiences. If the fingers are more approximate to each other means that you are cautious and reserved person who does not like to reveal much about himself.

If the angle between the forefinger and thumb is about 90 degrees, it means you are generous and good heart. A smaller angle means that it is more cautious about the person you are sometimes characterized by rationality and skepticism.

The distance between the ring finger and middle finger tells you how much you care about the opinions of others. Wider means that you do not care what others think about you. If the distance is less, you are social and eager attention.

The wide space between the ring and little finger can mean that you are a person who avoids the important conversations, which could suffer your relationships at home or at work. The average distance between the little and ring fingers reveals that this is an independent person who thinks a lot.