Halloween and New Moon in Scorpio, so that you can be more symbolic?

Halloween and New Moon in Scorpio, so that you can be more symbolic? New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon in conjunction, precisely in the same sign. On top of that the moon is in the sign of its decline, which further enhances the mystery of the entire lunar processes.

As we know, the moon itself is not well in this sign, his emotions hidden, the only way to feel Month safety and comfort is to stay restrictions, impartiality and control. These people perfectly control their emotions for fear that they could be injured and orphaned. They are often suspicious of and precautions such emotions tend to check through tests, games, often manipulation. Of course, this is a regenerative Month. Perfectly well they handle the pain and has a great intuitive ability to understand pain.

However Month today despite the impact of Mars and under the influence of Venus in Sagittarius, because of their living triplicity, as is Venus in fiery, volatile and masculine sign, the purpose of this moon and general feelings are related to the expansion of empathy, the need to connect with others, primarily with partners. Mars, on the other hand is in Capricorn, and their energy is directed at maintaining stability, structure, order. He wants to create order and to be recognized for it.

At the level of emotion this is still more proof that the moon in Scorpio is trying to keep it cool, severe, serious, or more detailed terms, it’s just a mask. People in Scorpio these days can have business opportunities and challenges that will want to keep a cool head, perhaps even a reserved function, but they also want to work in a team, to socialize, go out, share ideas. How New Moon represents the conjunction of the moon and the sun and usually refers to new projects and ideas, intuition and strange circumstances, all the more reason to feel this aspect of a person under the sign of Scorpio, as well as their opposites, Bulls.

Scorpio is itself guided and female character, but will generally be enhanced intuition these days, especially when jobs are at stake. Pay more attention to your dreams, body sensations that you have. The moon is very strong at this stage, because it brings out the symbolic esoteric in man, making it closer to nature and the universe.

Another interesting thing is that he and Mercury in Scorpio, which further enhances its field of interest related to the esotericism and magic. Fields marked with the sign of Scorpio in the birth chart will have a special impact on a person these days. If this is the case seventh box, Scorpio impacts will be felt among the spouses, if it is in the sixth field will affect the recovery or return of power to people who are in this period were the sick and the like.

Mercury, the Sun and Moon trine to Neptune, which further enhances imagination, inspiration. Neptune brings in this case knowledge of symbols and their ease of interpretation, namely the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze, for example, dreams or other signs and connect them with real events. With this planetary influence know the cause and effect in everything and act accordingly.

Expect extreme emotions, but also a deep insight into the environment. The sky is also a lot of squares that brings action, frustration, conflict, motivation and strong free will, and as Scorpio fixed sign, all the more reason that their modality frame the operation of the Sun, the Moon and Mercury.

Mask: the only way to say openly what you are and want to be perfectly normal. Happy Halloween everyone.