HAPPENING TO YOU THESE SEVEN THINGS? This means that you have an extraordinary SEX

Sex to you is great, but how compatible you are?

There are people who have a great relationship, but one beneath sheets simply can not find a common language.

1. Sex is almost never spontaneous
Mutual Seduction, what is it?

2. The Misfits libido
He wants to have sex 5 times a week, while you just fine twice a week, and it has become frustrating.

3. Rarely do you horny at the same time
When you’re horny, he’s busy, and vice versa.

4. When you are not there poses in which both enjoy
In other words, at any time during sex, one of you does not enjoy.

5. You can not imagine sex without more inflamed TV
Which films are not for adults to at least try to spice things up, but a series or a game.

6. You can not reconcile rhythm
Every time you find a position and pace that you set, he goes after her and completely ruin the moment.

7. Your friend said that she has an orgasm every time …
… And you thought he was joking, so you can conveniently and laughed.