He blows him in bed: According to the chart, find out to what moves you tear off your man

Nobody disputes nor any claims that you are bad at sex, but even the greatest masters are sometimes needed some instructions. To be better spent in beneath sheets with a loved one, the stars advise you what a pleasure it must be to treat.


The man born under the sign of Aries likes anticipation and likes to see how you like fantasy. So sexy text messages, bad e-mails and even phone sex, it will completely drive her nuts so that hardly wait to jump into bed together.


If you want to satisfy Taurus get ready for the old school. They do not like anything too wild and naughty. Trademark Bikova eat sensuality. So perfect, gentle kisses, touches, a lot of feelings and emotions, long foreplay …


It’s a little known fact that the Gemini hand weakness. Therefore, they should pay full attention. Love, lick, nibble tip of each finger, as it is a lollipop … you will soon attempt to deal with the beast that you wake up in your man.


If you want to speed up the process and that as soon as Raka aroused, pay attention to his nipples. Just be careful not to be too vigorous, it would not hurt. Complete chest of a man born under the sign of Cancer are very sensitive and they will suit your touches and kisses.


Cats like scratching, do not you? Lava Rub my back, down his back, without restraint. When you’re done with that, get massage oil and gently pat. The contrast nails and pats will make you crazy with desire.


Immaculate weak point is the stomach. If you just touch the belly (let alone if your language is completed near his navel), will launch an avalanche of passion.


If you really want to make happy his man born under the sign of Libra, then you need to collect your thoughts, to fight the stereotypes and taboos. For what it mostly works, is playing with ass. Whether your finger or tongue wander down there, sludećete it in time.


Scorpio is divided personality and his erogenous zones are the brain and genitals. So, a lot of naughty words and a lot of oral sex and you will eat from his hand. In particular, if at all, connect the shower, which is Scorpio the sexiest place for such mischief.


This adventurer loves to devote his attention to the hips and thighs. If you really want to Mica, do it somewhere in a public place … by touted pomazite thigh and you will see how the very next second stop a taxi that takes you home.


Touch his knees. Be careful with this that it does not tickle, but this stubborn members of the zodiac best aroused if you pay attention to its knees. Whether it pomazite hand, rely on his knee while you hug him or move his foot over the knee – will be yours for a moment.


Men Aquarians are playful by kids. Tickle him, pat and touch until you reach the moment that it can no longer tolerate. Also, prefer to delay orgasm, so be prepared for a night full of passion.


Man Fish has very sensitive feet. He loves them Obasi care. If you massage his foot will be yours forever.