Health and the best environment for fish -Fish general characteristics (ASTRO)

Top environment

At or near the water, especially sea or greater standing water. More love nature than urban lifestyle. They are also prone to self-isolation or traveling in remote isolated places.


Probelmatične body areas for fish are the feet and immune system. You need to constantly keep the feet to avoid serious injuries, and how the immune system is immensely important as a shield against all diseases, it is important to improve the defense capabilities of your body. High sensitive point to them: feet, legs, circulation, lungs, skin, teeth, nerves. The diet should eat sufficient amounts of protein in the form of low fat meat, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, and foods that contain iron – spinach, liver, nuts, raisins, or those that are rich in iodine, such as fish and seafood must.

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Famous Men born under this sign: Rimsky Korsakov, Ravel, Victor Hugo, Einstein, Prince Albert of Monaco, Michael Caine, Kurt Russell, Luc Besson, Johnny Cash, Bruce Willis, Kris Martin, Miodrag Bulatovic, White.