HEAVY like BLACK EARTH: The women of the zodiac signs are jealously

Jealousy comes in many forms. The thing is jealous of a person to another is ridiculous. All in all jealousy is always a bad choice for the connection.

Jealousy undermines communication in a relationship and keep your emotions in the wrong direction. Some astrological signs are prone to exhibit jealousy and thus forget that normal communication is the key to success, not only with respect but also in every field. The following astrological signs are prone to jealousy:


Bulls are investing a lot of time and effort in a relationship, so if they notice that something strange is going on in a relationship, they’re very hard to bear. When the bulls become jealous, it means that something is going very wrong as soon as they lose trust in someone so quickly. In such situations tend to be stubborn.

Bulls are a little possessive when they fall in love, but if they are overprotective attitude than usual means that are freaking out for yourself.


Overall, crabs are suspicious persons. It is not easy to make them open, but then when you open up to someone, then your every sense. When they become jealous, they begin to build a wall, so that jealousy among them manifested in veiled form. At the beginning of a relationship they are insecure, and such until they are sure that you care about them.


It sounds selfish, but the Lions believe that no one can better care of them than they themselves, or allow you to try to care about them. They are always in the spotlight because it is a place that belongs to them.

When lions becoming jealous, and even a little, that they exhibit in bulk. They are already the royal drama, but when jealousy gets to film conditions. Is it just to attract attention so that you like or not, lions sometimes go too far.


When scorpions think that with you something is wrong and lose even a bit’s trust, then it is almost impossible for you to forgive even if they prove their loyalty over and over again. If you have at least one reason to suspect that they cheat, their jealousy is manifested.

For them, the passion comes in many forms, but the scorpion scorpion will not be unless they express a strong feeling as jealousy. What is good in this situation is that if you open scorpions show that the jealous, they never hide their feelings.


For goats, the relationship is doomed to fail if they start ljubomorišu. They are very hard to gain the trust of the people, but if you give them the slightest cause for jealousy, it will be just the icing on the cake. If you have been duped Rai, strangers will expect the worst, and in a new relationship. With them it is possible that the new bonds to be jealous without any cause or reason, only on the basis predodnog experience. According to them, always be open and honest.