Hereditary disease-astrological aspects of the disease-Tragedy entire families lies in the simple fact!

There are diseases that are written in the DNA material of these families and passed from one generation to another. In such circumstances, we can say that in all of one family line there is the accumulated negative energy that manifests itself in the fatal way. Assorted offspring disease can be skipped for some reason, but since this pattern remains written in the genes, but the next generation of disease could reappear. Sometimes the disease occurs in exactly certain period of life, and sometimes not.

The soul can consciously be born in such a family to bring into balance the negative patterns that gathered in his causal body. Also, it can assume the role of the victim’s family cleaning the accumulated negative karma that way. This is a very painful way to restore the balance that has been violated.

One may rightly ask whether things really have to be so painful. The answer is that you do not have to, but the soul must consciously choose. Can during the lifetime of intense osvešćivati ​​deeply repressed patterns which has now led to where he is or might let things happen on a much more painful way. It is again a matter of personal choice.

However, as the soul brings itself in balance, at the same time isceljava whole family line, but this is not an easy task. To make something happen, the soul simply must have in mind, or as we said at the beginning of the text, must choose to be a part of her ovoživotne dharma, ie. purposes.

Otherwise, if the soul does not choose consciously, her remains to balance yourself and the whole family genetics in many hard way, through physical illness. It was then that part when you can not do anything, but everything has to go some of its natural course.

Of course, things are much more difficult by the fact that people think that diseases are an integral part of life and that they make a big mistake. The disease occurs when there emerges a state of imbalance; someone falls and breaks his hand, a deliberate and calculated deception plan, then there are those who like to consider using manipulative techniques that are based on fear and blackmail, jealousy, greed and so on.

Diseases that occur, do not have a physical cause, for example. in Padua, have their roots in the inner emotional, psychological and mental level. Only a matter of time before they affect the physical body. Diseases arise when the soul is in harmony with nature and life, then to swim against the current that creates life. What the soul is more in tune with myself and life in general, less likely to appear physical ailments.

The tragedy of entire families lies in the simple fact – they took matters into their own hands and do it in a very wrong way. And instead of changing patterns of behavior that causes the disease, they unknowingly passed on to their offspring. The law of karma is inexorable and can not be avoided. And not without good reason that when you do not pay on the bridge, will pay on the bridge.