Here’s what each zodiac sign hates women

If you are among those who do not believe in horoscopes, but I believe in character to the zodiac sign of division, not bad throw an eye on these things. Who knows, maybe that’s hit!


The man in this sign does not support insecure women. Aries wants someone to confront him, but if a woman bowed her head every time when there is a disagreement, Aries will very quickly become bored.


Bulls like to security and stability, so if a man in this sign react badly to women who are unpredictable. A woman who constantly changes his mind, and you never know what’s on his nightmare.


Communication skills for this sign the most important thing, so ćutiljive women who do not know the words in the eyes of Gemini just will not go.


For this is a sign known to be very emotional, and accordingly, the Cancer man will react badly to a woman who shows no emotion. Whether it is just closed or completely insensitive and prone to criticism, such a woman Cancer will replace someone like herself.


Lions need attention, and although it will initially try to win a woman who is not provided, it will im just such a woman to become reflective. If you do not understand why he is a genius, then you do not deserve.


This sign gives a lot of importance purity. If you do not care what your car is messy and you think it’s more important to live a full life than worry about the cleanliness of his apartment, a man Virgo certainly not for you.


Scales want peace and harmony, which is why they tend to avoid quarrels and confrontations. A woman who likes to fight for their opinion and there is no problem with raising the voice is definitely not for this sign.


Scorpio above all cost the truth, and once a person caught in a lie, there is no way to cross it. Women who sludge and are not quite sincere really getting on your nerves Scorpio.


Prone to adventure and risks, shooters just do not like women who play it safe. A woman who would rather stay home to watch a movie maybe it ideal for another, calmer character, but Sagittarius does not want to hear about this.


Capricorn women heavily when prices are good with money. A woman who was always in debt and borrowing money to really get on my nerves Capricorn who will never understand the need for another shoe.


They are extremely attractive liberal women open to new experiences and new people, and those incredibly conservative im going on my nerves.


Selfishness is the worst feature of the Fish, and the man will escape fish head no matter if you feel that a woman like that.