Here’s what women can not stand his zodiac sign

Every man has the ideal woman who attracts him, but there are also features that you refuse. Horoscope reveals what women reject men under the zodiac sign.


Aries avoids a woman who wants to change his habits, his way of thinking and acting! So, if you started to go out and take the initiative to slowly get you to change your habits, it will definitely be avoided. Aries will continue its rapid life rhythm of your favorite music! Keep in mind that man Aries wants to impose boundaries, rules and restrictions. Or will you accept it as it is or it is better to immediately go looking for someone else.


There is no way the Taurus can get along with a woman who is unstable and superficial. Taurus hates women who are changing the ideas or decisions are often sad. In no case do not like women who are nervous, irritable, or with strong reactions! If changing their mind and act quite impulsively, creating the feeling that you have not yet found any man you want, and then it will be very difficult Taurus emotionally open and invest your time in something permanent and stable!


A woman who thinks all the time about his mother or family and children and wants to remain at home does not suit the taste of Gemini! Even if there is interest in a woman who has these characteristics, it will quickly feel depressed and very quickly loses interest, eroticism and passion! In addition, it can take a long time to a woman with taboos and stereotypes! Man Gemini wants to be with an independent, liberal female with modern conceptions.


A man born under the sign of Cancer refuse women who are dynamic, independent, to stand firmly on their feet and put priority on work and career. Moreover, does not like when a woman loses her femininity when talking ugly expressions, when her pretty dress sports or too eccentric! Do not forget that the traditional Taurus man prefers “mace” women, while the women ‘tigers’ scare and will disappear.


Leo women avoid talking about their past relationship, or look like they are still stuck with your ex – partner! Moreover, does not like women who do not care about their appearance. If the woman next to him is not sexy, he will feel rejected! Another thing that you can “cool down” immediately when a woman becomes hostile towards him! If you say, “I bring more money home than you.” The lion will disappear from your life.


Virgo man does not agree with a woman who is superficial and is not educated or who only cares about the party. Virgin men reject women who are constantly talking about their appearance and think about dating, drinking, clubs, parties … It is believed that with such a woman has nothing in common. The woman to turn him on, the first to excite his mind.


Libra man is generally relaxed. If they like your look will make a compromise. However, he has his own personal taste. Nursing women who refuse to have their own style and its own special personality. Moreover, lose their interest if a woman all the time gloomy and quite closed in itself. Do not forget that this man wants decisive, dynamic woman who will be sensual and full of life.


The mysterious man zodiac, Scorpio, is a man with an unusual taste! Nursing women who refuse to follow the tactics to win and keep his side. If, for example, do not pick up the phone because they follow the tactics, if it’s cool. In addition, it becomes emotionally upset and does not like when a woman is very curious and wants to know and learn everything. There are personal things, special moments and secrets that do not want to reveal and does not like it when a woman pushes her nose everywhere!


As much as he was in love, Gemini will quickly lose interest if he finds out that the woman was quite jealous. So he avoids women who are demanding and real jealous scene. You can not stand women who he forced to terminate their friendship. Strlac does not like to “stifle” – it needs freedom. Therefore, it can not hold a relationship with a woman who is possessive and has excessive demands.


Capricorn falls hard to assess women through personal tests before deciding to enter into a relationship with her. The truth is that it would avoid any form of contact with a woman who likes to gossip, which boasts dramatically and also if it is unstable, unbalanced and spender! If you talk about your personal life in front of his friends, if you react badly if you are going to flirt with others, spending money recklessly, especially if you try to enter a balance in your life, and he will flee from you as quickly as possible!


Even the most beautiful girl in the world will not keep Aquarius if grumpy if the wedding is her main interest! It is certain that will avoid a woman who will look for his cell phone, which he wants to meet his parents and who constantly talk about weddings and children.

In addition, Aquarius refuse shy, timid women, who are afraid to take risks and act spontaneously!


A man born in the zodiac sign Pisces women who refuse to wear mostly sports, which are always in jeans and a non-sensual and feminine. In addition, it refused women who have a weak vocabulary, swearing and shouting when they talk and women who are full of energy all the time. He will avoid a woman who acts like he knows everything or that is superficial and does not follow the emotions and instincts!