Hilarious sign: Learn how to sign boasts BUREK while eating!

Oily, fine delicacy that can be found in every bakery, in which the Serbian people in love! Yes, yes … it is a burek! Have you ever wondered how the zodiac sign behaves while enjoying every bite of this popular food? Trust us, will be delighted to find out when!

First of all, Gemini will carefully observe burek, which was commissioned. He’ll pay it, and only then you will realize that this, however, is not what he wanted to eat. However, shrug show his indifference toward such a choice and burek eat in two bites impatient! All the time will, if only in the vicinity of the listener finds some, poor terrorize the issues of historical significance for the people concerned treats the Balkans as well as the potential variations in the recipe for burek general welfare and peace in the world.

Device will meticulously before they have burek first observe whether a saucer enough clean, shining cutlery and whether you treat has prescribed dimensions. I’ll give you the proper way to eat one such burek, but if you happen to deny what you’ve heard, you will get a flood of criticism of the way you do it, but also the multitude of other things: improper click on the remote, which burn TV, noisy dump nose and that constantly others indicate an error. Device eat burek with half a liter of yogurt.

It will be extremely disappointed that the burqa does not look like a small castle above the clouds of whom could fantasize while they eat. Of course, the nose they will be completely dirty, but it will not even notice them until someone rebuke. Then, returned from his fantasies, a view will express dissatisfaction with all the weight of the world that they lie on my back. If you continue to “nuisance”, they eat burek – it will hurt them, as if you had slapped.

His slogan is: “It does not matter how you eat burek, it does not matter even if you have burek, it is important how you look while you’re eating pie.” And really, if you tell him that burek no one has ever eaten as sweet as Aries will be in seventh heaven. Eating does not like burek and yogurt … Unbelievable!

Lion will all make it clear that his biggest burek! I fell on the humble way to draw the attention of all present to the fact that he had just discovered, pretending that he was a very unusual, but it is what it is – all are “losers” must suffer. Lions were like, ‘Let’s measure it! ”

Capricorn never takes burek if not previously well compared with all others who are in the pan. It will remain true to its stubborn assessment until (almost) does not run out of pies. They will understand that this is just what has the honor to eat burek last positively contributing to its social status and gives it prestige. One would be commissioned three pieces, only to choose the most beautiful.

The real question is not whether the pie tasty but how much it costs. If the price possibly unacceptable, will eat muffin. But if the price meets burek will enjoy every bite. Prior will still eat a muffin, but only that “ugliness” does not see the plate.

Aquarius ordinary burek will try to depict as extravagant as possible. He will go to such an extent that you will probably tell a story to someone close to her choked eating pie as it fell from the plane. And when you look at it in amazement rights like that with you is wrong and that the story has a perfect plot. For Aquarius would be great if there is a pie in the form of a disco ball that glows in the dark.

Emotionality of this sign is dark so much range that pie watered with tears, because the person who served burek did not look with serenity what is expected Cancer. And when asked whether he might be displeased burek, only to shed more tears, because God’s sake, how could you ask such a thing. God forbid that he drops burek out of hand … A disaster like “I’m going to pops.”

He does not like burek! There is a generation without equal in the world.

Capricorn will itself set a goal to find the best burek in town at noon 25.11.2019. , and the goal will come true. There will also boast their own achievements, but if he is asked whether it is achieving its objectives, burek could be mentioned as an anecdote. Essentially devour like polar bears.


The first will explain that loves pie, and that for some reason need to eat, and then you will specify a multitude of diseases caused by its consumption. Basically like to philosophize, but in the end they always empty plate!