Horary astrologers from the perspective of modern-truth was so simple, he just did not have the potential to apply it!

As an extremely modernist-oriented astrologer (in his natal chart I have exalted Uranus in XI field) in their daily work itself apart from the basic interpretation of the planet, benefit and impact of transuranic, as well as trans-Neptunian asteroids on the baseline and impact the lives of my clients.

I believe that astrology is science in constant progress, and that each emerging facts and the discovery of the universe, one more way to get to know yourself.
You understand that in this whole paragraph would be left without much room for horary astrology, I personally considered restrictive and so full of various rules and restrictions that are after me blocked the normal flow of work as a professional astrologer.

The idea that “not recognized” Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, needless to say it was an indication of another restraint and lack of using this technique. How can you deny something that objectively exists?

And everything you’ve read so far rightly looks like a criticism of “real astrology”.

I would be that one day I was in the situation where we urgently need an answer to a specific question, so precisely that it was not possible to get it through the analysis of transit, the progression of any forecasting techniques.

I remembered lectures in horary astrology (and of course the principles of planetary strength, face, exaltation the planet know as modern astrologer), where I found “by chance” and decided to use it for the first time this technique.

The answer was surprisingly accurate, clear, leaving no doubt that it will be an event for which I asked to accomplish.
It read; Yes, with smaller gubicima.I happened exactly.

I must say that I was rather surprised, but I left space to the idea that this really could be a coincidence, because the Kosmos always find a way to pass the answers to those who seek them. However, I started to handle horary questions to their friends (who are still giving a surprisingly accurate answers), to read more books in this field, visiting lectures.

It opened up a whole new dimension in my astrological work, but with all the precision, clearly defined answers, I was still troubling question does not take into account the transcendental planet.

Why can not I take Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, when it gives great results in all other techniques, except in horary?
For accurate results, without exception, I have to follow the rules of horary Saturn in which I take as Vodolje ruler, Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio, although these concerns were the main obstacle to my belief in this method.

I decided that a few months intensively dedicate this issue, and came to me for two crucial conclusions:

-Questions posed horary astrologer are very clear, often short-term, (will happen to it, where I was a lost cause, will I ever again see the person DD …?) With the desired response so precise such as “yes” or “no”, which leaves no room for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to express themselves.
Their influences easily overcome the frames of the individual and his life, they come away from space and then spread. I personally say a few exceptions, in case of a potential divorce take Uranus as ruler, if the question arises artist and mystic, checking the position of Neptune, and if it is a matter of life and death observe Pluto. It is important that this does not expand too much, and that in spite of these planets, you interpret the position of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, as well as the original ruler of these characters.
Maybe najodlučujući insight into my work horary represents the notion that planets that have a dual rulership are not the same in different signs. That will take Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, but also for the Ram, does not mean that I’m talking about the same Mars. In Aries he will show the power of fire, grit, clarity, precision, determination, strength, dry, focus and strong temperament. While in Scorpio he becomes impulsive, unpredictable, powerful energy that becomes destructive if not used properly, it is here moist, sensitive and emotionally driven. How many different interpretations, and the same was true for dual rulership of Saturn (Capricorn, Aquarius), as well as Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces).
The truth was so simple, he just did not have the potential to apply it, blinded by the need to constantly looking for something new, I turned to ancient knowledge.

Now apply them on a daily basis, and continue to respond to horary questions have astonishing precision and clarity.

As an astrologer I’m still a modernist-oriented work and educating my clients, but I can not deny the importance of horary astrology as an excellent complement and support my work.