Horoscope and CARS: Astrologers reveal how you drive and what cars you prefer

See which zodiac sign up to behave behind the wheel and what who likes to drive.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – drive fast and expensive

Aries will generally choose a red car, a sports model, one in which can quickly drive. Rams do not spend too much money on cars, but they enjoy the fact that they drive the highest quality possible. I prefer cars that are not too large and can easily be parked.

Leo does not conserve the car. This is not just a means of transport but also a status symbol. If possible, the Leo will buy a luxury car, limousine.

Sagittarius is a demanding customer cars, and Leo. He likes to drive a car that can serve not in all circumstances, so initially purchased large models, but strong, who can run fast. He likes dark purple or dark blue models.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – ride comfortably and slowly

Taurus will choose a car that is a family, and if the woman in question, then it will idabrati classic female model. They love the cars striking colors, and you can see them in green, yellow, magenta models.

Virgo loves comfortable designs, convenient parking, and not to spend much money on it. This is for him only a means of transport.

Capricorn selects only the best, but not rushing but well inquire before buying. Mostly choosing a car that is brown, tan or dark gray, and does not change often models.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – driven sharply and new

Gemini will generally choose a sports car. Perhaps, or two-seater convertible. To them it is important to be easy to maintain, do not like to worry about a car.

Libra will choose a new, beautiful model. Libra appearance is more important than the features of the car. He likes luxury and Leo, but it would be important to make it look beautiful, decorated in her favorite colors. Gray is a good choice or maybe a silver color car.

Aquarius will choose a sports car. It is important that fast and that the new generation. He does not like big cars. Bira vehicle that is blue or gray.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – drive slowly and gentlemanly

Crabs will choose the family car. This suits them because they are planning to have a family, if you already have, but i prefer the comfort of such models. Just going to the trunk of a large, and the color may be blue or white.

Scorpio will choose a car that is stable, that after all the research shows good qualities, and if purchased used, will check all data repeatedly until it is satisfied that everything is in order. Burgundy or black car is a favorite Virgo.

Fish prefer comfortable vehicles. Enjoy the ride. What matters to them is that they can go on a longer trip. Vole models with dark glasses, a good sound system. Fish will choose green or dark blue model, but they fight so important, but that they provide all the comfort of a car.