Horoscope and secret wishes: For most longs as your character

Gemini love and technology and fashion, while Cancer secretly yearns for success …

Aries enjoys shopping

Members of this sign are fearless and enthusiastic in all fields of life, even in their own little obsessions. I keep looking for something new in life, and there usually satisfy hunger for hours of shopping. Their obsession with buying going from one extreme to the extent that they it completely takes over your life.

Cash and luxury Taurus loves

Bulls are stable, persistent and durable, and quality help them gain a good position on the job. They’re not afraid to work hard, all with one aim, to gain as much money. A large amount of the current account allows them to enjoy the luxury of prices as well as money, but do not hesitate to spend it on others.

Gemini adore technique

Lively and social members of this sign are obsessed with technique, which allows them to better communicate with everyone they love. This is their window to the world, and they love it because of the freedom they provide. They are weak and the mode and are ready all day to Potosi on combining new fashion trends.

Cancer yearns for success

Compassionate Crabs are always ready to help, but only if it does not conflict with their beliefs.

Lav weight – supremacy

Members of this sign have a certain aristocratic trait that makes them to be the best in everything. Precisely this is their biggest obsession, supremacy and superiority over others. They like others to show that he is doing well in all areas of life.

Virgo is obsessed with order

Device meticulous obsessed with the order to the extent that their life is often just around it and turning. Most of all price accuracy and discipline, and if they disrupt a turn into such a drama queen. Obsessed with perfectly arranged daily schedule borders on obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Libra craves balance

Scales are prone to over-analyze, so it is no surprise they are obsessed with life balance. The balance trying to achieve beautiful things, whether jewelery, travel or clothing. This urge sometimes I can not control.

Scorpio prefer loyalty

Members of this sign are known for their mysterious and posesivnoj nature, but in the life of the most yearn for honesty and loyalty. They want a relationship full of trust, and his obsession considered a great desire for knowledge and the occult. Do not hesitate to show their skills as much as other signs annoyed.

Travel is a major interest of Sagittarius

Just like rams, and most shooters in the life of love and adventure activities. And while others are obsessed with the supremacy and sincere relations, their little obsessions are traveling and will make everything to make you more likely to travel. Only in this way can solve the excess energy by which they are so famous.

Capricorn has egocentric line

While the other members of the zodiac important material things, Leo is obsessed with himself. He has a self-centered line that makes him all the devices in your favor, regardless of whether it will hurt someone or not. Want to sketch out hunting success and step on others, unless you fear that you will lose something more important does not make you give up.

Capricorn wants to be the most creative in society

Charming members of this sign have a constant need to be creative in society. I keep a few things and are real innovators, but it’s more work for your soul, but for success. Although their confessions coming to pass, is more important to them is the title of the most creative sign in the society.

Pisces close “unhealthy” habits

Fish are the real dreamers and live in their own world that are tailored to your requirements. Members of this sign are unstable and therefore not surprising that are easy to get hooked on unhealthy habits, such as fast food, gambling or alcohol. Once you try this time become so preoccupied that are difficult to draw.