Horoscope detects when you pronounce the famous one “YES”

Many couples are age related before they decide to marry, while there is one minority which is sufficient and only a few months to know you have found your soul mate.

Anyway, to avoid surprises when you get asked this famous question, “Do you want me to spend the rest of my life?”, Read when it might happen.


Unstoppable and impulsive Aries woman does not want to plan ahead. Always eager for adventure, this classic woman’s wedding will afford an unforgettable experience. From her experience before you will wake up one morning and with precious agree that today is their day.


Sensual, yet grounded Bulls are likely to get married in the fall, a perfect date is the autumnal equinox. This will enable them to take advantage of all the power and beauty of nature, which also has a deep meaning. Autumn environment and will grant them good photos as very important to them, since they are expressed visual and creative types.


Their quirky nature always wants something different, and knowing them – you will not get the usual invitation. He’ll try to keep it a secret as much as possible to get the effect of surprise. You may receive a notification on the reserved date or until the last day you will not know where the wedding will be. Or what you will wear. For them, the ideal Halloween because in that date could connect more of its side – and creativity and desire to surprise and excitement. Do not be surprised if you have to be masked.


For this sign is an ideal year wedding on the beach with family and close friends. Do not tolerate superficial acquaintances and in important situations they want to be surrounded only with your favorite people. They love the relaxed atmosphere so expect pure enjoyment.


She loves glamor, romantic candles, impressive facilities and performances. For them, the ideal day for a wedding New Year. Lots of fireworks, sprinklers, and they also have a countdown. The ideal would be to get married at midnight in order to have a great story. No one of them expect and surprises as they like to impress others. More than anything, they want to afford themselves and others great fun.


There is no error in precision device. Her wedding will be carefully planned to the last detail and it will not miss anything, not even food or fun, but not love. Most’ll like unpopular months for the wedding, such as January or March, because then everything cheaper.


Sophisticated and elegant Scales are always up to date with events, a perfect time for a wedding’s June or July, just when there are new summer hits. Expect at a wedding last innovations in design, music and of course the wedding dress of the latest trends.


They like to demonstrate that they have with them, so you can expect a lavish wedding where not miss anything. Something in the style of Gatsby’s parties are longing for your special day. Megalomaniacal wedding for Scorpio is ideal for June because then zig wedding season.


This clever woman, who has the answer to everything, there is no specific date or time of year that will best fit her for marriage. At one point, they will feel intuitively when is the best time, and then set a date.


Capricorn wife knows that she feels insecure when stress is at its peak, so it will be ideal to check with your guests when best suits them how she would stresirala a date that does not fit all, especially the immediate family. It would be best to organize with them a big gathering for dinner and then come along to the ideal date.


The woman Aquarius is wild by nature and it is impossible to curb conventional norms. She will suit spring wedding because then all airy, romantic and dreamy. Could she be like lavender and blue as the backbone of the wedding with cherry flowers floating in the air.


The most romantic zodiac signs to be something really special that would be memorable. Wedding under the full moon, it would be in their style. The wedding outdoors, under the stars and a full moon with plenty of lighted lanterns and candles satisfy their romantic nature. Plus a lot of champagne.