HOROSCOPE determines how YOU TAKE LOVE: Bulls are synonymous with loyalty, shooters will be issued at the first opportunity

Lions in nature that they all get bored, but their relationship usually lasts from one to two years. If you are wondering how long it will take your relationship with a new partner, then perhaps you Horoscopes answer that question.

Get out as soon as the passion – Members of the characters fall in love quickly and wholeheartedly. The connection to them is a dynamic and passionate, and their deep feelings. In love, they are often ill-considered, arguments with them are frequent, but the vicious circle of strife and reconciliation can be stretched quite a while. Or until there is no passion. As soon as that happens, out of the relationship, says kolektiv.me.

I do not like to leave – For members of this sign free can not be said to be the epitome of loyalty. It will not be linked to any but those who lean close to intend to keep for life. However, an important consideration in their love relationship is sex.

Do not leave or give other reasons for this – In its essence are very loyal and do not like to leave, but your partner may test to the limit of jealousy. Sometimes they will be tormented by flirting with others, but just as well give rise partner to leave them. The way in which they can settle down is that they find a hobby.

Happiest when associated with one partner for life – Members of this sign do not like suspicion, insecurity and uncertainty in love. Are prone to long-term relationships, and often settle down with the first real love. However, they can be quite demanding, jealous and insecure, which can and pushed the partners of himself. Married are faithful …

Connections usually last from one to two years – Members of this sign tend to be careful when entering the bond and fall in love immediately. However, once you are sure to have captured the object of their desire, in comparison are very passionate and surrender completely, almost dreamily. Their nature is that they all get bored, but their relationship usually lasts from one to two years.

Ceni safety in long-term relationships – In love relationships, enjoy the highest stage of courtship and conquest. They are able to be loyal and faithful, and the scams usually do not get involved because they are not a sign that focuses on sex. Skrasiće when you get emotional and financial security and respect.

Long relationships are based on friendship – one of the most dedicated characters in romantic relationships were scales, and their long relationship usually based on friendship. Skrasiće if their partner fully meets in sex, or if it supports their sociability.

One of the most loyal characters – Despite the fact that the members of this sign starts erotic energy, they are one of the most loyal characters. Since they are very charismatic and attractive, and their partners will face many challenges. I envy. Because it will end, many scorpion connection, and it will settle down with a partner secure in himself and in which can have full confidence …

Long before considering bind – Undecided are emotional issues, but often they themselves are not sure of their love choices. It’s hard to bind and to love desires are impermanent, a skrasiće with a partner who they were primarily friend and provides them with the desired freedom. Prone to fraud, but they know well and that they are hiding.

Expects absolute loyalty – Members of this sign are very traditional and hard to attach to someone, or if they do, it means they think it might take a lifetime. Since its partners expect complete loyalty and fraud will be perceived as treason and will immediately write off. Good sex and children are the glue that holds the goat in a relationship.

It takes a constant challenge – Difficult stay with people they are not interesting enough or in any way represent a challenge. Diversity is their favorite spice of life. However, they can surrender and fall in love, but to shoot if they had too much to adapt. Skrasiće with a partner with whom they were never bored.

Truest signs of the zodiac – For members of this sign can be said to be the epitome of loyalty and life would have liked to have spent with one partner. In love are persistent, romantic, and of the relationship will go away when the accumulated frustration can not keep to himself.