Horoscope for May 2021


This will be a rather combative month for partnerships because your planet Mars square Uranus in the period from 9 to 19 May, and is not clearly defined victory so be prepared for a defeat. It will be expressed, and your attitude toward money and material fields, will require changes in both fields to work in the field of money. How have the support of Venus, it would be good to hang out, turn your partner and enjoy everything that Venus offers. Now is not the time to stubbornly hold because you have the job of fierce opponents so little drag and indulge in your role as a leader in business partners. Either way, you now have to work on the field of partnerships and your role in it. Some Aries can turn to some other jobs, even some family. Emotionally should be given a nice get-togethers, new acquaintances, and are free to meet partners in love. It is expressed fatigue, headaches and problems with the spine while moving more in the nature and in society.


Some bit big changes are taking place with the entry of Uranus in your sign, so everything happens suddenly – new jobs, new ways of thinking and accepting that excuse something to happen and turn to a bad period ends. Now is not the time to switch partners what happened and why but simply some things should be left in the past and start a new beginning. Some bulls may have a meeting with someone from the past and continue to involve hearing and talking while some people can sail into a new relationship. Generally all the bulls need to Uranus in the future to turn the plate and went all the way to the new stream of new thoughts. Ahead of a stable financial situation and progress in the future. Health new Uranian energy propels you in a nice outings and gatherings.


When you will be Venus until the 19th of May will be a beautiful friendship, partnership and everything that makes you happy. Harmony is manifested in a beautiful love affair while free to enter into a relationship. Overall companionship, romance and love is all nice favor Gemini. Finances have not expressed, or if need be, you can count on your loved ones, while there are also some long-awaited situation for dismissal securities or real estate. From the middle of the month should be careful about conflicts that i do not have to be related to you personally but do not hold anyone aside. Business has not been outlined for you but be careful not to enter into something that does not concern you. More of rest and work on how to strengthen your immune system because they are possible allergies and problems with the airways.


Much more positive period starts with you, mostly in terms of communication in relationships with loved ones, family and faster decision making. You will simply shake this Uranus but thinking sharper and more sober. The tension and dissatisfaction with a partner takes a long time so do not worry but let that partner can not solve alone. Some crabs should be involved in sports, and something that would throw out the accumulated negative energy. They Crabs now interrupted with a partner should not complain. Now is not the time for anything new on emotional grounds, even with the renewal of the past. Business this month you do not favor. Now we need to take care of health and all chronic diseases, to do a systematic review and take care of the diet.


Big turnaround can happen to you in the career field. All Lions who expect something might not be that while some lions which was something promised last year can now suddenly happens. Some lions can now enter into the political waters. Business will be a lot of anxiety and you eventually need all of you to accept and understand that this is how it should be. Financial launches something new through a female person, both at work and in love. Emotionally you can have a sense of loneliness and some discomfort. Free Lions socializing more, coming out and talking with friends. It is necessary to engage in more sports, spiritual work on themselves to restore positive energy. No matter how far you are annoyed and complain, you will realize in June that everything needed to be. Health increased pressure, spine, worse digestion and nervousness.


This is your time with the entry of Uranus in Taurus and higher octave vision you are starting something new in the field of work. Something that you have previously planned now could not start, and the ability to find how to succeed. Now are you in favor of a parent and head of the city’s business, however, and what you can hope for. Most have success in education, literature and economics. It is increased and charm that previously there with you. Emotionally it is now quite possible to publicly show their love and affection because it will simply push to Uranus. Certainly Device will now partners pleasantly surprised with the procedures. Now is a wonderful time for you to make the most of it. Pay attention to your sensitive stomach, digestion and what you eat.


High sensitivity and resentment that comes from other people, that’s why we need to turn to yourself and do not weigh every word when what you say. No one now can not help you because you are hypersensitive. Not recommended not to give advice at this time because you can be charged with something. It is best that you have with yourself is to avoid injury to others or to harm you. Business can be overloaded and work, and instead of others. Now you need to choose to communicate something to others when you are in good energy and in balance. Health can be compromised kidneys, urinary tract, bones, teeth on the field note. Now look to the more point to yourself.


When you Jupiter, planet of luck but now entering the Taurus Uranus can all stir up a little. He will be in opposition to your Sun and everything you have planned and done so far Uranus reverses 180 degrees, which means you will not answer. You are the most emotional character only emotions you show no longer keep them under control. Uran to many Scorpio now free to make that show emotions while some may return seven – eight years ago, and it will happen preslišavanje in partner relationships. Some of Scorpio can show its worse side for the partner or partner is not a lot to take into consideration what you will be even more upset. Available Scorpio can experience a new love or old in a new way. Commercial much engagement and sudden reversals. Finances are a lot of good. Health is possible a lot of pressure to relax a little and relax.


Now you are in favor of Venus from the partner fields are possible but beautiful new introductions or something more can happen with someone you already know. Partner relations are now converted to some other events and obligations and they do not blame or accuse them of how you do not pay attention. How do you like freedom in intimate relationships, so it and give to others. Many things now do not depend on you so do not be upset, because it is simply so the business side. Some shooters can be given to children, the family and doing something that you have not arrived. This May will be quite tense but if you feel upset stomach and bloating, reduce tension. Do not get upset if some things can not do now because it will still be welcomed.


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You now have a big business challenge and we have to accept. Nervousness will be constantly emphasized. In some Jarčeva from the circle of the family can one person have a surgery where the outcome may depend on many factors. That’s all you can really shake so you can understand the essence of earthly transience and life in general. Much time will be needed to gather strength and move on. Some Capricorns can get into an emotional crisis with a partner in love. Your planet Saturn is with you so you can have a lot to learn and start the long term on whatever it is. As for health, the nervousness is very pronounced.


You have in the first half of the month more support from your planet Uranus while from May 15, you need to decide which way you want to go, because the current situation needs to make a decision immediately. If you are in a relationship which is longer, it is now such an option: either the marriage or their separate ways. You no longer tolerate an understatement, especially when Uranus enters the concrete Bika seeking seriousness in every sense. Some people may be the middle of the month to get all the papers that are essential for starting a business. Now there is no turning back, only forward courageously. Health strengthen immunity because you are threatening viral infections.


You just love the spring and it’s the best thing about the season. Now we need to relax and enjoy this wonderful weather. No need to constantly looking for some errors and “Just do this and I’ll be happy,” a permanent something is missing to pleasure. Be happy and rejoice in the spring. Indeed, when you admitted yourself that you really have a real reason to rejoice, it would be nicer to everyone around you, and you. Some Fish have a specific relationship with a partner who is already in some way izgustiran is advisable to stir up this monotony. In the second half of the month beware of injuries and falls.