Horoscope from childhood to double line (ASTRO)

Capricorns are like children too serious, but with age, becoming more relaxed and fun. For them, they say: In his youth, the old man, the age of the youngster. And what about the other signs?

OVAN- Young Ovan their parents without peace. These children are full of life and always in action. Ready for all kinds of stunts often wages and occasional injury. I am interested in all of them, but most of all life. Will not wait to embark on what attracts them, so it is better for them to be fully open.

I can not suddenly walk into marriage or to avoid it forever, because their idea of ​​marriage is not always clear. Individuals by nature will always be your wife or husband organize various surprises and lot of excitement. With them, life is dynamic and never boring. Under the old days often continue at this pace, but problems arise if their state of health and age no longer allowed. I can hardly lead a peaceful life and established if they lack sport activities or similar excitement, can become a real pain in the ass. If you can, until the last moment of your life will be dealing with sport, and you will have to follow them whether you like it or not. If you can not, they will go on an adventure or mountain alone, without you.

BIK- Kids Bulls are very cuddly and likes to be pampered. The bad are the candy and tends to take the path of least resistance. Know how to curry favor and charm to win. If you live in good financial conditions, will be happy. If you live in poverty, their childhood will be remembered as a particularly trying period.

Marriages mainly out of love, but also because of material interests. Owning them is as important as the loved one. Will avoid marriage with weaker financial condition. They like to enjoy life and the very terrestrial pleasures. If they increased their wealth over a lifetime, old age will implement enjoying it. They are not ready to share at any cost, or if it damaged them. If they find themselves in need, the elderly can become full of bitterness and frustration.

BLIZANAC- movement and contact is what makes children happy Twin Towers. Communicate with ease and because they care company. I do not like society itself, because they are not a humanist, but more as a person with whom they can talk and express themselves. When you speak, usually do not close my mouth.

If you are connected, the person with whom they must be aware that their social life is important. Travel and movement between people is something that enriches and makes them happy. Under the old days it is important for them to maintain contact or to renew old ones, in order to have someone to talk. If you are lonely, they are very unhappy and they need to immediately look for a hobby through which they can acquire new friends. If the partner is equally sociable, age with them can be very fun and filled with new experiences, either through travel, a variety of social activities or those of intellectual character.

CRA This introverted and emotionally a child often worry their parents. With him should be carefully and gently, but not the way it is kept under a glass bell. In adulthood it should be introduced gradually in order to have time to get used to the harshness of everyday life. The need for pulling in their own world of dreams and imagination is good, but if you notice that too often, encourage him to open some activities such as water sports, or the like.

In entering marriage with a lot of emotion and a genuine need to start a family. Occasional instability will concern only subjective mood swings, but deep down they have mapped out a clear objective. If they succeed in life to build a home and family, I’ll spend a comfortable old age filled with family gatherings and visits to their loved ones around them. Stay alone, become sad people full of melancholy and melancholy. These people always remember everything, and often live in the past.

LAV- “I have to be in charge, and if I did, ugnjaviću all around it to attract attention.” So children behave Lions. If they do not give attention, you’re done. Which path should be lowered to the ground, in order to prepare them that will not always be the way they want, and in good faith to enable them to real life. For them, the biggest insult to ignore.

Entering into a marriage should be pompous and spotted. Marry for love, but watch out that they bring a marriage status. Vole splendor and grandeur, and even more fame. If there is no audience, are unhappy. Under the old days it is important for them to be heard and for them to get to know them. If they have that, they are able to talk for hours about his achievements and rolled badger other. If the results are lacking, are transformed into people who are prone to resort to lies and how to display it as something they are not. When they come home, and analyze it in solitude life, pride will not give them to recognize if something failed. Build a new structure of imaginary achievements, which will continue to deceive others.

Device DEVICA- Kids are usually very sleek, almost noble. Keep an eye on their behavior and try to be always polite and kind. Usually they are an example to others of how to behave and how to learn in school. Parents with them have bigger concerns.

Before you marry izanaliziraće every detail when it comes to partners and their future life. Will deal with those seemingly insignificant details, so all the way to take away the life of spontaneity and passion. There are those who will be your loved one or a situation where they always find a flaw because that would delay the marriage. Under the old days often turn into real pharmacists. Sometimes, it can happen before. If you have made a harmonious marriage and did the work in which they were able to show what they know, will lead an orderly life and in old age. Little things that others do not mean anything, they can become meaningful. If the Virgo in your life missed something important to her, old age will grumble.

VAGA- Kids Scales are able to charm everyone around him. It’s those kids that on the face titre perpetual smile. No problem assembled contacts, and behavior are very moderate. Problems arise when you need something to decide, but are still too small to be able to own. If you want to give them as parents tune in at any price, can bring you to the madness with his indecision. If you see that they are not mature enough and ready for a decision, do it for them.

Their marriage was the most important thing in life because they look at life as something that should live in pairs. Love and honesty associated with righteousness, their ideals. If they succeed in personal relationships, will live a harmonious age and probably two. If they were alone, he will feel lonely and even old age will try to find their better half.

ŠKORPIJA- Provocation is a topic with which these kids love to play with. Tear down old patterns to build new, their favorite game. Which way are too serious, and because as children are not emotionally mature can fall into the trap of revenge and fight for the sake of war. There should be wise to focus and, if necessary, stop.

When they marry, they do it seriously. Are consistent and do not tolerate superficiality and mediocrity. Sex is important to them and try to further develop the relationship or marriage. If during the life managed to overcome all the changes and win the important battles, if you have achieved something that is important to them, old age would spend thinking deeply about what is behind them. Which way will the cynical laugh and feel strongly about everything. Then I will try to be active as much as possible, either through a sport, either through erotic games. If you are alone, is likely to turn around and devoted to the study of all the hidden, occult, especially if you are interested in the topic of death. Sometimes these older people enthusiastically preparing to leave, but not so rare that no other teaching and preparing the same, because death is part of life for them.

STRELAC- Scorers merry as children whose parents make life more enjoyable and fulfilling. With them there are no major concerns, everything runs smoothly and gradually. Travel, even those distant, experience in childhood or youth. Minor problems can arise due to the occasional extra pounds, but they need to limit sweets.

When you enter into a marriage they do so spontaneously and gallantly. Moderate both balanced and favorable for the company, but they all gladly accepted. A sense of humor with them plays an important role in their lives and helps them to overcome the difficulties. When they come in old age turn into a real philosophers who still know how to give wise counsel any around. Others, who are earthy types, can get a začaure, with their cheerful temperament to be tolerated. Or are prominent citizens or hermits. If you have missed something important in life, there will be bitter, but will try to overcome all the philosophy and humor.

JARAC- Capricorns are a special case when it comes to weather. This sign is almost inversely proportional to the time sequence. In childhood and youth they behave and act like old people – are too serious, somewhat stiff and cold. Behind it all is actually hiding sensitivity, vulnerability, ambition and the need to achieve something, but I fear that will be harmed or that something will go wrong. Therefore, all carefully prepared, organized and mature and controlled acts. Usually they are on the defensive, and the school are good students.

The marriage shall take prudent if you do not delay because career. They go into a community with a heart, love must exist, or acting head. Under the old days coming to an interesting craft. All that seriousness and maturity, which are manifested in youth gives way to a leisurely attitude, relaxation and humor. They are like wine. Only in adulthood, when you already have something behind, only then allow yourself to have fun and enjoy life. Therefore, their faces are becoming brighter. Capricorn says: In his youth, the old man, the age of the youngster.

VODOLIJA- These children are usually special or have a specific talent. They love to surprise and to various escapades that their parents can not even imagine. If they are tolerant and open, will enjoy together with your child, or if it is a conservative environment, young Capricorn may encounter resistance and frustration. However, whatever it is, it is important that he does not leave too much freedom and that parents learn the basics of social conventions so they can more easily along in life.

Marriage for them is a partnership of two equal people and so i will live. Sometimes enter into marriage hastily and in a very unconventional way, or live like hermits maintaining some intermittent unbalanced connections. Old age like to explore everything that had not yet arrived, but here we find the most interesting hobby. I always come up with something new and they’re fun. If you share their interests, life will continue as it does not age. These are those times when a woman of 80 years laid driver or learning yoga or something completely new and still in crazy.

RIBE- Fish are usually gentle children often confuse fantasy and reality. Line Art is something that needs to be nurtured, but with measure. They should be taught how to perceive the real life and prepare them for their rudeness to later better off with all the possible face.

They expect a marriage of love and tend toward the idealization of a loved one. Therefore sometimes BUPN to the ground when they see the real situation. If marriage is harmonious, they’re happy. Under the old days usually taught imagination, creative hobbies or simple truancy. Too much loafing may be bored, but to break the occasional intrigue you often think of yourself and someone placed. Sometimes they lack sincerity, but napříč what is and what is not. They can be confusing, but depending on the nature can and theatrics.