HOROSCOPE: How to seduce and keep a man? Bulls fall to a beautiful woman, twins want a partner that will make them laugh ……

How to seduce a man according to the sign where he was born, and more importantly, how to keep it? Bulls fall to a beautiful woman, twins want a partner that will make them laugh, while the Scorpions in connection search passion and deep connection.


How to seduce Aries?

The man falls to the outside impression, so you must be intrigued by its feminine phenomenon. If you want to seduce a man of Aries, highlight all of your physical attributes. Look at your cleavage and long legs will not leave you indifferent. Being in nature conqueror, do not be aggressive and take initiatives, but allow him to seduce and conquer.

How to keep it?

If you play exclusively on the beauty map, you will not be able to keep the attention of rams. He is a passionate man who needs constant excitement, but with you it may retain only strong and self-confident woman who would constantly encourage his imagination. Do not leave, keep passion sexy lingerie and a variety of games in bed. It will not hurt to let him think that the main connection, even if it is far from the truth.


How to seduce a Taurus?

Taurus loves feminine and a little self-denying women, so do not think you are going to win attractive phenomenon. More will attract a woman who was buttoned up to the neck and radiates charm and beauty, but a woman with her clothing attracts male attention. Be persistent but patient and because Bull takes a long time to start. Consciousness will it calm and composed personality, and you will not go wrong if he presents his culinary skills, since the road to Bull’s heart is through their stomach.

How to keep it?

Bulls are thoughtful people who do not like change, so once you get into the relationship, will try with all his might that she works. Taurus leaves only if no other solutions. To keep his attention, try to always be beautiful and well-kept, and do not neglect their chores. Taurus loves a woman who knows how to cook and you will be able to enjoy in all its hedonistic desires.


How to seduce a Gemini?

Gemini love the beautiful and attractive women, but what will attract them the most is one’s intelligence and sense of humor. If they see that you can talk about everything and that is not their jokes, Gemini will take all they can to continue to hang out with you.

How to keep it?

Gemini man is easy to draw, but the larger challenge is to keep his attention. This puppy is constantly looking for new challenges and changes, so will you keep yourself exclusively with fun and intelligent woman who will always be ready for action. If you want to bond with twins fails, do not choke jealousy and questioning where and who he was. Give him a lot of freedom, and in it you will have a fun companion and best friend.


How to seduce a Cancer?

Gentle Crabs fall on maternal types of women, so if you want to win, be careful, attentive and show him that you care about him. Initially it be a friend and give him time to develop feelings for you. It will not go wrong if you’re talking about how much you love children and want a family.

How to keep it?

Cancer likes to be a partner in the care of, so do not ever neglect. Always consecrate him a lot of attention and show that you love him, and he will in turn be the kind of partner you can ask for. This man will always know happy romantic outpourings of attention.


How to seduce a Leo?

Tasti Lions enjoy when others envy, because their beloved will have to be the prettiest, prettiest and most attractive. Men of this sign in the front row fell to the attractive appearance and popularity, so highlight your attributes and clothing from him flirt with other men. Nothing will attract more Lava from the realization that you all want, and only you he can have.

How to keep it?

Do not ignore it, because your Leo could seek attention elsewhere. Always listen to him and let him talk about himself, but it would not hurt him if he’d occasionally showered with praise and compliments. Leo wants a partner who will respect him and admire him, so you do not ever belittle, and if you earn more than him, certainly not to remember.


How to seduce a virgin?

Man Virgo is a very complicated person who has high standards, so you can him have intensified effort. This man loves smart, educated and humble women you will be able to talk about everything. Let him know you enjoy reading, show him that you are a smart person of wide interests, so it will be in the most intrigue. This man does not like open and loud woman, so you will too intrusive behavior only deduct from you.

How to keep it?

This man will keep with you if you show him that you are the perfect girlfriend, wife or mother. Perform regular duties of your family, keep house tidy and do not ever start an argument in front of other people. Virgo likes that everything is perfect, so you do not ever bother because of his flies, and allow him to be a perfectionist. And another tip, do not let his grudge kills in concept, but remember that it is just such a person is inherently insulting.


How to seduce a Libra?

Scales are aesthetes who primarily fall to attractive women, so if you want to seduce, you have to be at their best. Make a haircut, beautifully našminkajte and do not skimp with the perfume, and clothing to highlight their physical attributes. Pay attention to the details, because these men refuse bitten nails, unkempt eyebrows and unattractive shoes. Because the man Libra extremely hesitant, and it would be good to take the initiative. You choose in which restaurant you go or what movie you want to see.

How to keep it?

Stay neat, beautiful and refined, and certainly do not leave. This man loves a beautiful and attractive people, so it is crucial to maintain the spark that he continues to be attractive. Do not start fights for no reason, or to require him to be pervasive and decisive. It is desirable that it not be objecting if occasionally flirting with other women, because it is this basic need.


How to seduce a Scorpio?

Passionate Scorpio never falls only on appearance, it is far more attractive to women, which is bursting with sex appeal, some of which scanty clothing trying to attract male attention. If you want to win, look into his eyes piercing gaze, which he will make clear that you want. Be feminine, yet humble, because this man is nothing more attractive than a woman he can not fathom.

How to keep it?
If you want your Scorpio stays with you even after the initial passion, you need to let him know that you are special and worthy of his attention. Keep to yourself, be attractive and sex appeal, attracting the eyes of men, but at the same time you make sure that no one other than him do not pay attention. Do not do jealous, because this man is itself sufficiently suspicious, so he does not need games and prevarication. Success connections will help if you are an intelligent person who likes deep or mystical themes, and it would be desirable and to give him enough time to deal with their own needs.


How to seduce Sagittarius?

Sagittarius puppy is not difficult to win, because he enjoys making new friends and is always open to all options. You will not go wrong if he easily access and invite him for a drink. He is a modern man of open views, and your taking the initiative will be very attractive to him. It would be good to be excited fun and laugh at his jokes. Sagittarius does not like possessive and jealous women, and those with whom there is no talk about, so show an interest in music, movies and books.

How to keep it?

Is not it difficult to win, but to keep it is another story. This charming bohemian enjoys flirting and fun, so it’s likely that while courting you ever seduce other women. If you want to link with Sagittarius is serious, do not ever do jealous scene or resort to emotional blackmail ,. You can not stop him from flirting with other women, but if you show him to tolerate, you will recognize the ideal partner with whom he wants to spend his life, but his infidelity will never come to mind.


How to seduce a Capricorn?

Capricorn attract beautiful, attractive and self-denying women keep to yourself. This man likes attractive women attract men’s views, but was far sexier women who radiate intelligence and mature appeal. Show him that you are smart and hardworking, talk about work and ambition and a gesture to let them know you want to get better acquainted. This is a man prone samopotcjenjivanju, so you might prefer to push a little at the beginning of things. But only a little, because Capricorn is a conservative man who must feel that the boss is in a relationship, even if it’s far from the truth.

How to keep it?

Once entered into the relationship, Capricorn is hard to decide on a fine, you go in your favor. If you want to bond with Capricorn persists, do not happen to be wasteful and extravagant in the management of money. Capricorn hates nothing more than irresponsible people who do not care for the future. Keep to yourself, your looks and do not ever let your house is messy.


How to seduce Aquarius?

Freaky Aquarius loves everything that is different and unusual, because it at the very beginning, prove that you are special. Different styling, funky hairstyle or piercing in the nose will be enough to attract his attention. When she gets interested, show him that you are smart and versatile people who appreciate art and philosophy. If you realize that you can talk about everything, decide if you pay more attention.

How to keep it?

Aquarius will keep him with you if you’re the best friend. This man of partners seeks primarily life companion, and only then lover and everything else. Do not show that you are jealous of his many women friends, and let him come out without you. Your Aquarius will be proud to have had to deal with both liberal and self-confident woman that you will never let him slip out of his hands.


How to seduce a fish?

This horoscope dreamers will win a beautiful and attractive appearance and delightful curves, but to truly won his favor, you will show him that you are gentle and caring person full of compassion for others. Aries wants to meet with you at a strong and confident woman who will take care of him, so show your softer side and convince him that you believe in love at first sight. The fish will immediately fall in love with you.

How to keep it?

This man is a hopeless romantic who in life always triggers for feelings, so make sure that your relationship is always better and more intimate. If something is not right, man Pisces will first seek comfort in someone else’s arms. Do not force him to face reality as it is dreaming of his basic need, so you accept it as it is. Be attentive to their Pisces, petting him and making sure he will return to be a partner what you want to be.