HOROSCOPE: How will the solar eclipse affect your character? You will have vivid dreams that will carry a strong message …..

New moon and a total eclipse of the Sun in Pisces. The eclipse and new moon will be in exact opposition to Jupiter and will therefore be even stronger effect. In doing so, this eclipse in our prostorimama will not be visible (as opposed to South and East Asia, the Pacific and the greater part of Australia), but it does not mean that we will be deprived of its impact …

Since the sign of Pisces and the twelfth field primarily represents our subconscious, we can say that the strongest influence on himself to be just our way of thinking.

The next two weeks will be some of us question the emotions for loved ones. Do not force yourself to stay in relationships that are not right. It’s a good period for the renovation of apartments, houses, business premises, the purchase of new furniture. Do pazote so that these days you do not run into a secret relationship – will not end well. Be careful what you sign!

With some of the things or people that we were “poisoned” in any way we can finish, because we will find strength in themselves to get out of the vicious circle. It is essential that during the next week do not go recklessly into changes and innovations.


You will have vivid dreams that will carry a strong message. You will be very sensitive to impacts and more aware of the environment. If you have a strong intuition, it can reach almost supernatural level, it is wise to use. The months that lie ahead are ideal for your spiritual development.


The eclipse will activate the social field of your sign. Will revive an old friendship, and someone will meet later during the eclipse will play a very important role in your life. This could be your soul mate. In front of you will open up a variety of opportunities and be ready to use them.


The eclipse will your ambitions lead to the summit. The future will work lighter. Although you will not be easy, you are prepared for challenges and you can count on your instincts to show you the right way. Whenever you feel that you had enough, stop and listen to your inner voice.


New doors are opening in front of you and experiencing a completely new experience. You will become aware of what you really want and you will see that you’ve never used their full potential. Take advantage of all the opportunities that will open up and give you a chance to travel – whether in the physical or in a spiritual sense.


This new page that opens in your life will be reflected in the financial field. It will not be immediately obvious, but be in readiness to take advantage of the opportunity when you luck smiles. Will think about new investments, and this is the perfect time to make your plans for the editing of living space and relive the old austerity plan. If you are alone, new love romance is on the horizon.


Will create strong links with other people. You meet someone and have a feeling that you have already met in a previous life. You will have more empathy for other people, but from it you will learn more about themselves and their feelings.


You have a chance to erase all the negative aspects of his personality that does not reflect your true nature. Get rid of old habits, relationship and obligations of the past. This will lead to reduced stress, which will facilitate the process. Weather is to realize your desires and focus on nurturing their health.


Your creative potential and intuition will grow and you’ll enjoy them. The decisions that you made at the time of the eclipse will bring you one step closer to your self-realization.


You begin to realize how much his childhood shaped the person that you are today. You might reconsider their old beliefs, habits and opinions, which are the result of education. When we look at things realistically, you will become more aware of who you really are and gain new confidence.


Some wonderful things are in front of you and you will meet good people. Focus on the support of friends. Communication in all its forms, and even through social networks mark the next six months of your life. During this period, you can learn something new, you will improve your chances of finding a new job.


Money will be your main concern and you will be focused to maximize income. Avoid reckless spending and think about savings. Use your dynamism to find a new source of income. The more you find a source of money, you will have a secure future.


This is your chance to pick where you want to go from this point. Your increased intuition will allow you to experience all the obstacles that could arise you on the road. Trust your instincts, and it could lead you to success. The eclipse will have a powerful impact on your emotions and will give you the strength to reject some discipline in the past, doubts and fears. You will become aware of your inner power and full potential.

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