HOROSCOPE: Identify the time when the connection is in crisis-When, in fact, cause for alarm?

When, in fact, cause for alarm? Do you recognize the signals that your relationship is in crisis? Is partner stopped to cool and how to react in such a situation … Here’s how astrologers answer these questions.

Aries: Lack of passion

If you are having fun with people born under the sign of Aries, and you notice that you are no longer seen as a glowing view of above, it should be the first warning sign. Lack of passion is usually the main reason for the termination with the Rams, and you will notice if your man turns to other women, and if the woman flertovaće with the opposite sex. Also, if you are paying a rough voice, shouts, and no patience, know that you need to ask yourself how strong his emotions. Aries If you decide to leave, it makes it very clear, and very soon enters into a new relationship. Be always maximum trim, allow it to be your knight to fight for you, not you for it.

Taurus: When you stop to cuddle

When Taurus likes, he feels the need to constantly touch your loved one to hold her hand and felt her presence constantly. As soon disappear these little tenderness, be sure to cool. If you no longer whispers, not calling you cuddly voice speaking to you this name, not the nickname, means that his emotions off. Taurus is difficult to decide to terminate, but once cut, it is definitely. On his emotions rather affect financial security, so it can not be that opterćujete their financial problems …

Gemini: Termination of communication

Gemini is often related behave like children, and when games stop, and with his face smile disappears, then you should reconsider your relationship. When they lose interest, they have no need to communicate and even more not so sweet and funny, but also very arrogant and rude. This sign is known for volatility, however, and can often be closed in themselves, without much reason. If you mention the story of termination, wait a while and do not grieve right now, it is very likely to change their minds and pursue a relationship as if nothing had happened. Be cheerful, even if they start bickering, you turn everything into a joke, so forget why you do the fight.

Cancer: Lack of romance

Cancer is a sign that very rarely leaves, on each love is seen as predestined. Do you bond in a crisis, you will notice so you will do everything to make you annoyed that you leave him, not on you. Objectors you for every little thing, and he will be more closed in themselves and fall into a mild depression. It is very romantic, but when there is no emotion, romance is slowly losing. The problem exists if more time is spent indoors, closed, secretive and payable. If you want to still keep next to you, then you are best to start a story about marriage and children. He likes certainty, and that will stabilize your relationship.

Leo: The dictatorial attitude

Leo will, as soon as a crisis in a relationship, start to behave dictatorial, his request will be growing, but few will offer. It can be very stubborn and spending more time with your friends. Lions are not malicious, you will probably even several times noted that he is bored and wants to have fun. So you should do your best to get out more often together, and to the larger society. They even after termination want to keep you as a friend. It is very difficult, if your relationship is in crisis, hold such a person. You should honestly talk to her, at the same time that you tell it that he was right about everything, it will once again do great in his eyes at me.

Virgo: huckster

When Virgo often begin to complain that bad feeling, pain in the stomach or in the head, you should know that there is something he wants to tell you, but it should not. These are the first signs that your relationship stands on wobbly legs. Virgo can be angry about the little things, you can cut down and cynical remarks on your appearance or behavior. Even emotions completely vanished, Virgo will still wait for the most favorable moment when it will terminate the connection. If you notice these things, just sit down and talk seriously, bluntly, as this will be perhaps the last chance to save your relationship.
Termination is not the end but a new beginning
Termination is not the end but a new beginning, Photo: Profimedia.rs

Libra: It will become insensitive to your problems

If your relationship is in crisis, make sure that Libra has already found a reserve. Scales are never alone, always moving from one relationship to another. If you notice that your partner Vaga “neglected” that does not take care of their appearance in your presence, it should not be a concern. Also, Vagić, no matter how cute, when there is a problem in a relationship or are emotionally dissatisfied, know how to be unusually cold, unfeeling to your every problem. Suddenly become very volatile and they expect you to fill their every desire. Try to restore the old moments and romance in a relationship, Scales definitely falling for it.

Scorpio: Lack of intimacy

Do not cause injury to Scorpio, it will wait for the moment when you least expect you to take revenge. The first sign that your relationship is in crisis is the lack of intimacy, that sex and passion. Jealousy and constant switching are also warning signs that a Taurus unsure of your own, and your feelings. If something happens, it’s not terrible, but most need to be worried when you witness Scorpio calm and cold voice, it means that the decision has already been made. Prevent problems by going to restore passion and give her a sense of security.

Sagittarius: Absence

Never examine a shooter’s sincerity. Very charming and love to flirt, but that does not mean you are unfaithful, but he just liked the intellectual stimulation and conquest. Do not deny him his freedom, if you do that, you will lose it. When he’s angry, it is very inconvenient, so avoid quarrels and provocations. When it starts to cool, it is away from home, not paying attention to you and is very “condemnatory minded”. The crisis in ties can quickly pass if you give it space. It is important to be free of understanding, as well as on.

Taurus: Cold view

Capricorn If you start shoving guilt for a variety of your actions, says a greater distance than usual, and your every proposal responds negatively, know that he is dissatisfied. On it you will never say openly, but will his cold stare. It is very difficult to decide to disconnect, even when there are very serious problems, and even to deceive, he will pass over it, but you will not forget. Soften it if you give a compliment at the right time, or let the occasional tear.

Aquarius: Leaving without explanation

Now imagine this, you have a wonderful relationship, everything works perfectly, but suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, your partner in Aquarius more you can not answer. This will certainly happen if your relationship is falling into crisis. No warning, no words, but Vodolijica simply go without explanation. Be confident in yourself and supportive to him in each of his fixed idea, if you want to keep it next to him. Do not separated from friends, but be ye him and a friend and partner.

Fish: When you close themselves

Fish do not know how to cope with problems, if there is something that bothers them, they fade away and seem somewhat disinterested, and not just for you but for all. Often their dissatisfaction drowned in alcohol or entering into a secret relationship. They do not talk much and hope that you will feel the telepathic feeling and save them the trouble. If you want to save your relationship, take matters into your own hands and you wake up until it is too late, tenderness, care or some nice trip to exotic places. If you do not, otplivaće in the opposite direction from you and simply disappear from your life.